KFC Russia rebranding | Depot WPF

Yum! Brands Russia and Depot WPF rebranded the KFC legendary fast food restaurant chain in Russia

The corporate identity and the brand communication concept have been changed by our team. This is the first rebranding and localization of communications for this famous brand in our country after the full transition from the Rostik's KFC brand in 2011.

Today, KFC global brand represented in more than 118 countries and more than
18,000 restaurants. Each country adapts the global concept of marketing communications to their culture and current trends.

In Russia, it was decided to emphasize the globality of the brand, its legend and the compliance with modern trends which are in consumers’ interests. KFC brand team in conjunction with Depot WPF branding agency solved the problem global message’s localization and identified tools that broadcast the new values and the essence of the brand.

Alexandr Zagorsky,

Depot WPF creative director:
"The main challenge of the project was that the work with brands on such a scale, called iconic brands, dictates a certain degree of universality. These brands contact with hundreds people everyday and have an army of fans and loyal consumers. Meanwhile, the emotional component of the brand is increased cause it is positioned in the "self-expression" territory. We tried to change the paradigm of the relationship to food as one of the ways to emphasize the individuality — our aim is to introduce KFC foods not as "fuel" but a source of experience, an opportunity to tell something about yourself."



Designers were tasked to fulfill the new identity with all above-mentioned concepts, many of which do not have clear images and associations. In these conditions the transition to the new identity should not have been too sharp. We should not have allowed the brand to become a "niche", cut off the loyal audiences or have an impact on daily sales.
The new brand design consists of both significant changes
and a great amount of detailed improvements that are
not actually visible for the audience, but
significantly improve the
perception of KFC.

The changes affected all KFC brand’s carriers, including product packaging, advertising communications, menu-boards in restaurants, etc. More relevant messages that carry both communication and entertainment purposes have appeared. The food style was carefully updated. The color coding and navigation by product group have been reviewed — a lot of work with the menu, types of packaging and product groups’ insights had been done. Also a logo and Colonel Sanders’s location on the packages have been changed. In general, the new packaging design enhances the perception of KFC brand by the same powerful block in the company colors on each package. Depot WPF and KFC teams have tested these solutions, all of them have received a positive evaluation of the brand’s target audience.

As a result, KFC brand got a new identity which fully corresponds to its status of legendary and «iconic» brand. It is confident, bold, lively, interactive, interesting and at the same time clearly systematized, devoid of any random elements and has the necessary flexibility for a large network.