News: August 2019




The Depot team has developed a new brand of household chemicals and detergents WONDER LAB®.

Debranding the dairy category


We created the identity and packaging design for Bryansk Dairy Factory products.

Depot got bronze award at the Dieline festival. And even more.


Bergen project, created by Depot for food chain restaurant, received the award at the most valuable worldwide packaging festival.

Who is the first - always the first


The RACA awarded the leaders of the 2018 rating agencies for creativity and efficiency. For the award came to the ceremony a friendly delegation, as always, First place, though!

The Association of Russian Branding Consultancies (ARBC) chose a new president


The new president became Anna Lukanina, managing partner of Depot. Such a decision was made by an absolute majority of votes at the anniversary report-election conference of the association.

Festival race: round one


The Depot team has brought a full package of “noble metal” (“gold”, “silver”, “bronze”) from White Square International advertising and marketing festival.



We chose simplicity and friendly irony to break the barriers and created a visual language, telling people that water makes things easy and people equal. Focusing on the physical properties of water, optical illusions, the sense of depth and the dynamics of objects, we opted to communicate the variety of water classes for all kinds of people. Thus, we announced that «SELF Club» is the believe-in-yourself and love-yourself club.

Bergen: how to show customers that the shrimps they are about to eat are perfect?


Bergen: how to show customers that the shrimps they are about to eat are perfect?