"Zaodno": sweets wrapped in stories


Branding agency Depot WPF and confectionery factory "Kommunarka" presented a new brand of sweets "Zaodno". Under the brand gonna be released 13 kinds of sweets, each with its own illustrated story.

Citilink: a visual solution that strengthened the brand's position.


The branding agency Depot WPF carried out the redesign of the electronic discounter "Citilink" - one of the largest Russian retailers. New corporate identity allowed to strengthen the position of the brand among the competitors.

World Communication Forum in Moscow: specialists from Russia, India and RSA discussed branding of the countries


This time the regional session of the World Communication Forum took place in Moscow. Managing Partner of Depot WPF Anna Lukanina told it’s participants about the experience of organizing the project "Russian tourism brand" and the first results of the work. We’d like to share a small photo report from the event.

«Izvestia» newspaper celebrates it's birthday with the rebranding


The rebranding of «Izvestia» newspaper was made by Depot WPF. Since March 13, 2017, the newspaper has appeared in a more respectable A2 format in a new layout. The solution, developed by Depot WPF, makes Izvestia as convenient and enjoyable for reading as possible.

GLBA News: Eat and Play with China


Duck wings, a duck neck and other spicy meat products are very popular in China. In local market Jue Yi brand make such hot meat products. Together with our GLBA partner — Flamesun branding agency — the company has launched the new package design for the product.

GLBA: Lezita Fish's Package Design


Our GLBA partner, Istanbul based and globally awarded packaging design agency Orhan Irmak Tasarım created the new logo and packaging design of Lezita fish product line. Lezita brand has been in the chicken market for years and therefore it was critical to communicate the new product line inline with the chicken range.

Depot WPF Joined Official Celebration Of Nestlé's 150 Years


Nestlé celebrates 150 years of selling the world's most iconic brands. We are very proud of our partnership. Highly appreciate the credit our client gave to us and feel thankful for the exclusive present!

Red Apple: 2 winners


The Red Apple awarding ceremony is finished and now we know, who are the winners! Among them are Depot WPF projects: processed cheese «KARAT» and cider «FAMOUS» package designs.

GLBA News: Packaging Ideas for Idena


B+P Creality being our partner and presenting GLBA in Berlin together with the family-owned company Iden developed the new brand + packaging design for their brand Idena. Idena, whose product range now covers around 1,000 articles, received a new high-contrast, eye-catching packaging design.

Snacks: a report from the supermarkets all over the world


XI international conference «Сonfectionery of the XXI century» will be held on the 13-15 of February in Moscow. Executive Partner of Depot WPF Lukanina Anna will tell the conference attendees about development of the snack’s category in the format of the report from supermarkets of Russia, Germany,Taiwan, China and Brazil.