News: All months 2013


Queensley listed in Forbes's ranking of the top brands of 2013


Each year, Forbes magazine publishes a list of the most successful new brands, which is compiled with the help of an expert vote. This year, Queensley – a project by Depot WPF for the tea company Riston – made it into the top ten. looks back on Depot WPF's successes


Readers of Russia’s biggest advertising and marketing portal decided on the most important events and most noteworthy projects in 2013. Projects completed by Depot WPF were rated among the leaders in the categories of branding and packaging design.

Nestlé releases ‘open-hearted’ chocolates


Depot WPF produced the naming and packaging design for a chocolate bar that is unique in the Russian market. The new range ‘S otkrytym serdtsem’ (‘Open-hearted’) is being released under the brand label ‘Rossiya – Schedraya dusha’.

Vangold: jewellery with simplicity


The branding agency Depot WPF developed the positioning and brand style of the jewellers Vangold – one of Russia's biggest manufacturers of items of jewellery.

Masterpieces on the grill


Depot WPF designed the promotional campaign ‘You pay for grilled masterpieces!’ for the Moscow cafe Ragout. The advertising posters, painted using a grill pan, look more like art objects than advertisements.

Branding agencies, brand owners and packaging manufacturers: why is interaction so important?


Anna Lukanina gave a speech at a ‘Club 80/20’ conference held by the company Conflex, as part of the program to develop cooperation between all those involved in the process of brand creation.

Depot WPF and Bonduelle let off some steam


The branding agency Depot WPF designed the packaging for ‘Na paru’ – steamed vegetables by Bonduelle. This is a new range of conserved vegetables, cooked using an innovative technology which locks in more flavour and goodness than ever before.

Papa Care: Winning fathers’ confidence and mothers' affection


The branding agency Depot WPF has designed the new brand for children's cosmetics made from natural ingredients, Papa Care, for the company Bioguard. The brand conveys the idea that Dads are just as important to babies as Mums.

Heinz ketchup designed by Depot WPF


The branding agency Depot WPF created the design for a commemorative range of ketchups made by Heinz – one of the world's biggest manufacturers of ketchups, sauces and mayonnaises.

Depot WPF triumphs at the Nestlé Packaging Award ceremony in Russia


Nestlé Russia has held its first ever awards for the best projects in packaging design – the Nestlé Russia Packaging Award. Three of the four categories were won by projects in which the agency Depot WPF played a role.

Depot WPF locks in the traditions of Myllyn Paras with its packaging design


Myllyn Paras Oy Konserni is one of Finland’s leading manufacturers of flour, porridge oats, pasta and emi finished products used in baking. Depot WPF designed the packaging for Myllyn Paras’s ‘1928’ range of flour, in the upper price segment.

Depot WPF and Nestlé restyle the ‘Comme il faut’ brand


Our agency has worked with ‘Comme il faut’ for ten years, since the brand was first launched back in 2004. The premium brand of chocolates is changing with the times, so that it stays relevant to the lives of its consumers.

Depot WPF recognized as the biggest exporter of creativity in the branding and advertising industry


The magazine ‘Sekret firmy’ has conducted a study of the creative industries in Russia and compiled ratings of the country's leading ‘exporters of ideas.’ Depot WPF came out on top in the field of advertising, branding and production!

Depot WPF declared a winner at the Pentawards 2013


On 21st September the winners of the Pentawards, the most prestigious international contest in the field of packaging design, were announced in Barcelona. The branding agency Depot WPF came away with more awards than any other Russian company.