News: All months 2016


FAMOUS cider: eat the fruit to the end


Depot WPF branding agency created a new brand of cider for "Alliance" company. Famous pieces of fine art, minimalism and a portion of irony is the formula of this project.

ONLYWINE: wine with speaking package label


Depot WPF branding agency together with Alliance company presented new Russian wine brand ONLYWINE — the brand for those who wants just wine, pure and simple.

Myths and Reality: Сhinese branding through the eyes of a European


Depot WPF managing partner and European Packaging Design Association board member Anna Lukanina has just returned from Taiwan. Under the impression of Asia and communication with foreign colleagues Anna shares the experience of the epda congress 2016. Check her personal memos.

WCF Istanbul: Ekaterina Lavrova on Depot WPF's instruments and lifehacks


World Communication Forum regional session is taking place in Istanbul on November, 3-4. It's main theme sounds as "Crises VS Chances: Country, Company, Personal Reputation". Depot WPF's PR director Ekaterina Lavrova is invited to the forum as a speaker. She is participating in the session dedicated to convertible instruments for corporate reputation.

Europe VS Asia: epda compares differing approaches to branding


European packaging design association (epda) has decided to cross European borders and invites designers from all over the world to attend its 2-day conference in Taipei on 27/28 October 2016. Depot WPF managing partner, presenting GLBA in Russia, and epda board member Anna Lukanina joined the meeting. Follow its developments through her live report.

With warm regards from NORTH-WEST


Depot WPF branding agency together with St. Petersburg meat-preserving factory presented new brand NORTH-WEST. A new emotional meet brand with design beyond categories is oriented on Russian North-West market.

Moscow identity by Depot WPF was tried out at the City day 2016


This year the Government of Moscow shared the Russian capital identity by Depot WPF on the City Day 2016. Our teem сreated the Moscow visual style as a part of GLBA meeting identity for the GLBA Design Conference held last September.

Find Depot WPF in the video for Robbie Williams’ new single


Robbie Williams desides ‘To Party Like a Russian’! The british singer has released the music video for the new song. The video sees Williams play a Russian oligarch at his mansion, surrounded by a troupe of female dancers and... a package of buckwheat ‘Uvelka’ by Depot WPF!

INVITRO: modern medicine with a human face


Depot WPF branding agency developed the brand INVITRO and created the new visual style for the largest privat medecine company in Russia. The new identity reflects the main features of the company: its leadership position and a special medical ethitcs.

Ad Black Sea: Depot WPF debuted at creative festival in Georgia


Ad Black Sea became a new meeting place for inspiration and new knowledge for professionals in advertising and communications. Last year the festival has a gorgeous debut in Georgia. This year we decided not to miss the opportunity to take part in it. Check Depot WPF’s results!

Depot WPF discovers South America


This summer Brazil is in the limelight in connection with the Olympic Games. But this is not the only key international event. At the begining of September Brazil will have a global branding conference, promoted by the Global Local Branding Alliance (GLBA), which is formed by strategic branding companies focused on eliciting consumer’s emotional reactions throughout the world.

Zoom Room: Jia Jia soy sauce’s concept


The mix of traditional Chinese culture and modern technology in one package of soy sauce? Why not!

Depot WPF will participate in the creation of Russian tourist brand


This December Russia will get a tourist brand. Depot WPF branding agency’s experts will take active part in its development. Russia’s nation branding project was initiated by Federal Tourism Agency in collaboration with the Association of Branding Companies in Russia (ABCR).

Alexandr Voronkov is our new art director


Our ex-designer Alexandr Voronkov is appointed as the art director of the corporate identity department of the agency. Congratulations!

Designer from South Africa in Russia? Yes!


The senior designer of Stratcom (GLBA agency in Johannesburg) Carina Hartman is currently working in Depot WPF. Carina has become a part of our team in terms of GLBA's international exchange program for strategists, designers and managers.

Warm feelings with "Expanses of Motherland"


"Expanses of Motherland" chocolates package has been re-designed by Depot WPF branding agency in terms of "Russia – Generous Spirit" brand redesign for Nestle Russia.

Red Dot 2016: 4/4


The international jury of one of the most important design awards of the world — Red Dot — appreciates the works of Depot WPF branding agency for a number of years. But in 2016 we got coveted "red dots" in Communication Design category for all our projects that we had submitted to the contest.

KFC Russia rebranding: global, legendary and modern


Yum! Brands Russia and Depot WPF rebranded the KFC legendary fast food restaurant chain in Russia. The corporate identity and the brand communication concept have been changed by our team.

PEC company’s rebranding: everything about the new image of the main Russian cargo transportation company


PEC company is one of the largest Russian transportation companies that continues the process of re-branding: its own vechicle fleet for delivery of goods has been decorated in a new style, a repair in the office and warehouse complexes in 120 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan has already begun. The new positioning and corporate identity was developed by Depot WPF branding agency.

Zoom Room: TONE. wine brand & packaging design


Is it possible to express the wine character and taste using only geometrical figures and shadows? Our designer has tried.

48 COPECKS ice-cream redesign: light, modern and stylish


Nestle Russia and Depot WPF branding agency presents a new 48 COPECKS ice-cream packaging design.

KARAT Cottage: tasty and natural a la homemade


Moscow factory of processed cheese KARAT and Depot WPF branding agency presented new dairy brand KARAT Сottage. It's the third bold project within the complex company rebranding project.

Оnline shop logistics: easy solution


PEC company is one of the largest Russian transportation companies that offers specialized service for online shop logistics called Easy Way. The new service brand — from strategy and naming to corporate identity — was created by Depot WPF branding agency.

Depot WPF and KARAT got Silver Prize at The Dieline Awards


The Dieline Awards organizers announced the winners and trends of The Dieline Awards 2016. This year the jury recognized 77 winners across 12 categories. And KARAT packaging design by Depot WPF is among them.

EDA: awards, lectures and Viennese coffee


Last weekend Depot WPF art-director Tatiana Mikolaevskaya was on a European Design Awards & Conference. She traveled to Vienne to get our awards (Depot WPF has received from the jury gold and two silver) and impressions.

Depot WPF is THE ONE SHOW winner


This year our agency has participated in the prestigious international award THE ONE SHOW for the first time. The debut was successful: we were awarded Merit Award for Shopping List package design.

LEX wallpaper paste by Bostik


Depot WPF developed packaging design for a new product range of Bostik company, one of the world's leaders in adhesive materials production.

Alexey Andreev was elected ACAR Vice-President


Moscow hosted the annual report-re-election conference of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR) on April 19. Following the meeting, Depot WPF managing partner Alexey Andreev was elected Vice-President of the association.

"White Square": what did we bring from Minsk?


The International Festival of Advertising and Marketing "White Square" has taken place in Minsk this Saturday. Depot WPF projects received one "Gold" and two "Silver" awards. Our art-director Vera Zvereva shared details of participation in the festival judging panel and impressions of the festival as a whole.

Russian creativity ranking got new identity


Depot WPF developed the brand identity for national creativity ranking, which helps clients understant who is who among advertising, branding and marketing agencies.

FRP: governmental support without complications and officialism


Depot WPF branding agency developed the brand for the Industry Development Fund (FRP) that was created by the Trade and Industry Ministry for financing import-subsituting projects in industry and technology. FRP became one of the first governmental institutions with bright and friendly identity.

Good mood = Violette cream cheese


Moscow factory of processed cheese KARAT and Depot WPF branding agency have presented the second bold project within the rebranding of the company — the redesign of Violette cream cheese.

Vera Zvereva — how branding influences sales


"It’s all about branding effects on sales: not just pretty pictures" — the lecture of Depot WPF art director Vera Zvereva prepared for the Minsk advertising and marketing festival WHITE SQUARE. The festival will take place in Minsk on April 14-16.

Anna Lukanina is to estimate world's most innovative dairy brands


Depot WPF managing partner Anna Lukanina was invited to join the judging panel for the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2016. With leading experts and specialists from the United States, Russia, Britain, Italy and China she will choose the best dairy brands.

GLBA at China Food and Drinks Fair: live from China


These days the meeting of GLBA international branding alliance is being held in Chinese city of Chengdu. Yesterday we arranged the first conference on branding in China. Now we share the details.

"Absolute Insurance": the new name and image of IIC Euro-Policy


IIC Euro-Policy in the Absolut investment group underwent rebranding and changed its name. The project was implemented by the team of Depot WPF branding agency.

Depot WPF is invited to judge EFFIE AWARDS


The agency managing partners Alexey Andreev and Anna Lukanina will be among experts determining the best Russian advertising and marketing communication cases.

Spring comes with a new "Comme il faut" series!


Nestlé Russia has presented a new limited edition of "Comme il faut" chocolates, the package for which had been traditionally developed by Depot WPF.

Dairy Culture and art


Evgeniy Chernyshev was totaly inspired by Dairy Culture brand developed by Depot WPF and desided to create a whole series of paintings dedicated to the new brand. Basing on masterpieces of Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh and others he offered to have a look at works of these famous artists from a modern angle by adding only one extra element...

GLBA is arranging a conference on branding at the world's biggest product exhibit


On 20 March the GLBA international branding alliance, which is represented in Russia by Depot WPF, will be arranging a large-scale event as a part of China Food and Drinks Fair. Managing partner of Depot WPF Anna Lukanina is among the key speakers.

Anna Lukanina represents Russia in PENTAWARDS 2016 jury


PENTAWARDS has announced the members of the international jury in 2016. Our managing partner Anna Lukanina is among them for the second time in a row. Together with her colleagues from 10 countries she will judge the works applying for the competition.

"Butcher’s warranty": brand you can trust


Agroholding RUSAGRO and Depot WPF branding agency presented the new meat product brand "Butcher’s warranty" opens a new direction in Russian meat market. online cinema new image


Depot WPF completed a large-scale branding project for online video streaming service, The company is Russian leader among legal online film distribution platforms with millions of monthly visitors.

"Princess" baby cosmetics: like my mother has, only better!


Depot WPF branding agency has updated "Princess" brand — one of the leading brands of baby cosmetics on Russian market and a key brand in the portfolio of the Company Clover holding.

Marketing, branding and packaging design at FUTURE FORUM UPAKOVKA / UPAK ITALIA 2016


Depot WPF branding agency and the Russian Branding Consultancies Association (RBCA) organize the seminar program for marketing, branding and packaging design — UPAKOVKA / UPAK ITALIA 2016. Depot WPF managing partner Anna Lukanina is the keynote speaker and the moderator of the session.

Long Sheng Pharma: an international perspective on Asia


Branding agency Depot WPF rebranded international pharmaceutical company headquartered in Hong Kong.