News: Depot WPF from within


Pentawards brought experts together


Managing Partner of Depot WPF Anna Lukanina spoke at a conference in Zurich.

Depot WPF makes brand from dreams


"Sleep to live" - we also think so at Depot WPF and in accordance with this wise saying, which is in combination, is the platform of the Askona brand, we have developed a new corporate style of the company.

Bottled water SALAMSU: how to make a fairy tale happen


This case is more than just developing a new brand. It's like a fairy tale and it tells how in reality it turns quite standard products into magical ones.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Depot WPF welcomes designer from Stratcom - South Africa's best packaging design agency


Within the framework of our GLBA alliance, we invited intern designers quite often from from worldwide renowned agencies and sent out art directors to work in partner agencies. This time we host a designer from Stratcom - the most famous agency in South Africa, specializing in packaging design. Hurry up - and maybe in these two weeks, from 7 to 19 August, you can work with him!

Lighters BIC: nostalgia for retro


Considering ways of promoting the brand, especially if it is a mass product and iconic in its segment , do not underestimate such communication channels as packaging and label. For BIC lighters, this issue becomes even more urgent, because due to the material limitations of the advertising law, an attractive appearance is one of the few remaining ways of communicating with the consumer. Depot WPF has developed the design of a limited series of lighters specifically for Russia.

Industrial Development Fund: only results


How to employ 121 Russian national football teams, how many Bolshoi theaters will be needed to show the new workers a performance, where does the GDP of Serbia and the average salary of teachers - read in our case about the development of the brochure design and the annual report for the Industrial Development Fund. The project is based on the corporate style of the IDF, developed by Depot WPF earlier and the concept of "Prospects for Development".

Restyling Ahmad Tea Russia - a joint solution of Depot & Ahmad Tea


Ahmad Tea is an English brand of tea, with a stable position in the top-5 of the Russian and world tea market. It is a family-owned company, with production in Southampton County with the network of distributors around the world (today the company supplies tea to 70 countries of the world). The packaging design for the classic tea collection has not changed significantly since the brand came to the Russian market. Despite the fact that the current design of the brand was rated by consumers as one of the best in the category, there was some fatigue, a desire to see something new. The brand felt the need to refresh the design, but to maintain the visibility of packs on the shelf. To solve this problem Depot agency was invited.

Depot WPF and the Central Children's Store are having a blast


Depot WPF has developed a corporate identity and a series of key visuals for the main holiday of the summer - the birthday of the Central Children's Store. The holiday, with a slogan and the same hashtag #OTORVIS (means to have a blast) will be held in the Central Children's Store on Lubyanka from 1 to 4 of June.

G-Drive: development of a cool, sporting, dynamic brand


The branding agency Depot WPF and the company Gazpromneft presented the packaging design for the product line under the G-Drive brand. The brand covers more than a hundred items, including windscreen washer fluid, cleaning sprays, wet wipes, brushes, glasses for drivers, etc.

«Arctica»: new reading of the function of thermoses


Depot WPF agency rebranded the company "Arctica" - one of the leaders in the market of thermoses and isothermic products. Rebranding was caused by the desire to enter new consumer markets, to develop a fresh, bright concept of positioning and unify corporate style at the same time. And here is the result.

Effie Awards Russia results for Depot WPF clients: 9 nominations, 3 victories!


On April 26, Lotte Hotel Moscow hosted the Awards ceremony for the winners of the Effie Awards Russia, the Russian stage of the world's most prestigious marketing award. Since the launch of the award in Russia, for the seventeenth time already, where Alexey Andreev, managing partner of Depot WPF, is a member of the jury, and Depot WPF clients were presented in nine nominations this year and became the winners of the Effie award in three of them. We congratulate Nestle Russia (brand "Bonpari Jumbled VKontakte", bronze in the nominations "Food" and "Youth Marketing") and Gazpromneft (brand G-Energy, silver in the category "Campaigns with short-term effect"), and wish all the success!

Depot WPF on the first Moscow Biennale of Design


From 11 to 16 April 2017 the first Moscow Biennale of Design was held - a new large-scale project of the Central House of Artists, the School of Design, the Moscow Museum of Design and the Foundation for Support and Development of Graphic Design "Golden Bee". At Depot WPF we could not help but touch such an event and therefore we were among those who opened the Biennale, presented their works, received awards, and just walked and was inspired.

"Zaodno": sweets wrapped in stories


Branding agency Depot WPF and confectionery factory "Kommunarka" presented a new brand of sweets "Zaodno". Under the brand gonna be released 13 kinds of sweets, each with its own illustrated story.

Alexandr Voronkov is our new art director


Our ex-designer Alexandr Voronkov is appointed as the art director of the corporate identity department of the agency. Congratulations!

Designer from South Africa in Russia? Yes!


The senior designer of Stratcom (GLBA agency in Johannesburg) Carina Hartman is currently working in Depot WPF. Carina has become a part of our team in terms of GLBA's international exchange program for strategists, designers and managers.

GLBA meeting in Moscow: highlights & results


This September Depot WPF hosted the international meeting of GLBA (Global Local Branding Alliance). Chiefs of 7 leading branding agencies from USA, Germany, Brazil, China, Turkey, South Africa and Russia discussed joint projects, GLBA plans and hot branding trends.

GLBA internship program started at Depot WPF


A new international professional exchange program for strategists, designers and managers started in GLBA. The first internship is taking place right now in Depot WPF in terms of the alliance semiannual meeting in Moscow.

#NEWYORK_WPF: work of the USA branding agency


We are filling you in on the structure of the USA agency of GLBA, on what has the greatest impact on branding in the region and on what projects our colleagues are working in the Brookline office.

#JOHANNESBURG_WPF: how we work in South Africa


We resume the story about the agencies of GLBA branding alliance. The new report comes from Johannesburg – location of the office of our African representative - Stratcom.

#ISTANBUL_WPF: Depot WPF`s office in Turkey


The regular issue of #WORLD_WPF is about our agency in Istanbul - Orhan Irmak Tasarım. We will share some up to date cases, tell you about how our colleagues work and ask them what influence branding in Turkey the most.

#SHANGHAI_WPF: the Asian office of Depot WPF


The Flamesun agency is presenting our international branding alliance GLBA in China. In the latest issue of #WORLD_WPF we are telling more about it.

SÃOPAULO_WPF: Depot WPF office in Brazil


We continue to tell about the agencies that form our GLBA alliance. The second report is from Sao Paolo. This is the city where the office of our Brazilian agency A10 is situated.

#BERLIN_WPF: German office of GLBA


We've decided to tell you more about the agencies that are united in our alliance. We will give you virtual tours of all of the offices of 7 agencies based in different parts of the globe. The first coverage comes from Berlin (including video!)

Depot WPF represents GLBA in Russia


Global Local Branding Alliance (GLBA) is a new international branding alliance uniting major branding companies representing North America, Europe, South Africa, China, Brazil, Turkey and Russia, each with specialists across all design disciplines and with over 20 years of experience.

News from New York


This autumn Depot WPF is on the move: 3 continents, 7 countries, whole lot of impressions... The latest issue of #WORLD_WPF is about America: we immerse into New York's atmosphere and find out something new about Depot WPF (in teaser format) from Anna Lukanina.

Breathe London!


Depot WPF spends this autumn on the move: getting the energy from different cities and events. And the first stop of our round-the-world trip #WORLD_WPF is London!... DEPOT WORKS, DEPOT MOVES!