News: Nikita Ivanov


Debranding the dairy category


We created the identity and packaging design for Bryansk Dairy Factory products.

Rebranding in the name of justice


At CSTB forum online-cinema tvzavr presented a new corporate identity and positioning. The development of the strategy and service identity was done by Depot branding agency.

«Chinese design – a way to tell a long story briefly…»


Nikita Ivanov, Depot WPF design director, described his trip to China and shared his coworking experience with our colleagues from Flamesun branding agency, the Shanghai representative of GLBA.

Valaam - luminous products!


Depot WPF developed the federal product brand Valaam

Bahroma: ice cream with oriental flavor


Depot WPF (Moscow, Russia) and Food One (Kazakhstan) presented a new brand of ice cream – Bahroma.

FAMOUS cider: eat the fruit to the end


Depot WPF branding agency created a new brand of cider for "Alliance" company. Famous pieces of fine art, minimalism and a portion of irony is the formula of this project.

Zoom Room: TONE. wine brand & packaging design


Is it possible to express the wine character and taste using only geometrical figures and shadows? Our designer has tried.

Zoom Room: SINGULAR juice concept


We are glad to share our new juice brand concept SINGULAR, in which we don't attempt to make the fruit images "more mouth-watering and appetising" of "even more natural".