News: Zoom Room


Zoom Room: Jia Jia soy sauce’s concept


The mix of traditional Chinese culture and modern technology in one package of soy sauce? Why not!

Zoom Room: TONE. wine brand & packaging design


Is it possible to express the wine character and taste using only geometrical figures and shadows? Our designer has tried.

Zoom Room: SINGULAR juice concept


We are glad to share our new juice brand concept SINGULAR, in which we don't attempt to make the fruit images "more mouth-watering and appetising" of "even more natural".

New identity for Moscow by Depot WPF


Depot WPF presents a new visual style for Moscow as a part of GLBA meeting identity. The GLBA Design Conference takes part in Moscow on September 17-18.

Catch The Touch: Bed linen packaging concept


'Catch The Touch' expensive bed linen brand is a new concept by Depot WPF team. It provides a new look at the opportunities vacuum packaging offers.