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Depot WPF and the Central Children's Store are having a blast


Depot WPF has developed a corporate identity and a series of key visuals for the main holiday of the summer - the birthday of the Central Children's Store. The holiday, with a slogan and the same hashtag #OTORVIS (means to have a blast) will be held in the Central Children's Store on Lubyanka from 1 to 4 of June.

Zoom Room: Jia Jia soy sauce’s concept


The mix of traditional Chinese culture and modern technology in one package of soy sauce? Why not!

Zoom Room: TONE. wine brand & packaging design


Is it possible to express the wine character and taste using only geometrical figures and shadows? Our designer has tried.

Zoom Room: SINGULAR juice concept


We are glad to share our new juice brand concept SINGULAR, in which we don't attempt to make the fruit images "more mouth-watering and appetising" of "even more natural".

Depot WPF's concept is among winners of the DIY international contest


Within the epda congress in Berlin the awarding ceremony of DIY contest took place, and it was this year organized by the association in partnership with Pierre Fabre company. A work by Depot WPF appeared to be among winners.

New identity for Moscow by Depot WPF


Depot WPF presents a new visual style for Moscow as a part of GLBA meeting identity. The GLBA Design Conference takes part in Moscow on September 17-18.

Catch The Touch: Bed linen packaging concept


'Catch The Touch' expensive bed linen brand is a new concept by Depot WPF team. It provides a new look at the opportunities vacuum packaging offers.

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