News: projects & cases


Just Space: Kosmostars are now in a new design!


Depot WPF redesigned of packaging for Nestle

Tasty! Healthy! Natural!


Depot WPF implemented the packaging rebranding for “Molkom-Pavlodar”.

Bahroma: ice cream with oriental flavor


Depot WPF (Moscow, Russia) and Food One (Kazakhstan) presented a new brand of ice cream – Bahroma.

Moscow Identity


Depot WPF is shortlisted for the final of national regional branding and marketing awards.

The Union of the Reds: Packaging for a premium date plum


A truly selective fruit "in export performance" was entrusted to pack by specialists from Depot WPF.

Lipton green tea: oriental adaptation


Lipton green tea collection has enlarged with two new items. Depot specialists have created a new packaging for them and also some materials for promoting of newcomers in retail chains.

GORN Development branding: building the identity of a big developer


In the real estate segment, the builder's brand is valuable capital. That's why we came up with a special responsibility to develop the corporate identity of the developer company.

Mediascope rebranding


The research company Mediascope had rebranding and now present a new logo and corporate identity to their employees, customers and partners.

New line of the "Russia - generous soul" brand appeared


In the family of products under the brand name "Russia - generous soul" a new line appeared - white chocolate with orange peel and dark chocolate with grated hazelnuts.

Depot WPF makes brand from dreams


"Sleep to live" - we also think so at Depot WPF and in accordance with this wise saying, which is in combination, is the platform of the Askona brand, we have developed a new corporate style of the company.

Bottled water SALAMSU: how to make a fairy tale happen


This case is more than just developing a new brand. It's like a fairy tale and it tells how in reality it turns quite standard products into magical ones.

Lighters BIC: nostalgia for retro


Considering ways of promoting the brand, especially if it is a mass product and iconic in its segment , do not underestimate such communication channels as packaging and label. For BIC lighters, this issue becomes even more urgent, because due to the material limitations of the advertising law, an attractive appearance is one of the few remaining ways of communicating with the consumer. Depot WPF has developed the design of a limited series of lighters specifically for Russia.

Industrial Development Fund: only results


How to employ 121 Russian national football teams, how many Bolshoi theaters will be needed to show the new workers a performance, where does the GDP of Serbia and the average salary of teachers - read in our case about the development of the brochure design and the annual report for the Industrial Development Fund. The project is based on the corporate style of the IDF, developed by Depot WPF earlier and the concept of "Prospects for Development".

Restyling Ahmad Tea Russia - a joint solution of Depot & Ahmad Tea


Ahmad Tea is an English brand of tea, with a stable position in the top-5 of the Russian and world tea market. It is a family-owned company, with production in Southampton County with the network of distributors around the world (today the company supplies tea to 70 countries of the world). The packaging design for the classic tea collection has not changed significantly since the brand came to the Russian market. Despite the fact that the current design of the brand was rated by consumers as one of the best in the category, there was some fatigue, a desire to see something new. The brand felt the need to refresh the design, but to maintain the visibility of packs on the shelf. To solve this problem Depot agency was invited.

G-Drive: development of a cool, sporting, dynamic brand


The branding agency Depot WPF and the company Gazpromneft presented the packaging design for the product line under the G-Drive brand. The brand covers more than a hundred items, including windscreen washer fluid, cleaning sprays, wet wipes, brushes, glasses for drivers, etc.

«Arctica»: new reading of the function of thermoses


Depot WPF agency rebranded the company "Arctica" - one of the leaders in the market of thermoses and isothermic products. Rebranding was caused by the desire to enter new consumer markets, to develop a fresh, bright concept of positioning and unify corporate style at the same time. And here is the result.

"Zaodno": sweets wrapped in stories


Branding agency Depot WPF and confectionery factory "Kommunarka" presented a new brand of sweets "Zaodno". Under the brand gonna be released 13 kinds of sweets, each with its own illustrated story.

Citilink: a visual solution that strengthened the brand's position.


The branding agency Depot WPF carried out the redesign of the electronic discounter "Citilink" - one of the largest Russian retailers. New corporate identity allowed to strengthen the position of the brand among the competitors.

«Izvestia» newspaper celebrates it's birthday with the rebranding


The rebranding of «Izvestia» newspaper was made by Depot WPF. Since March 13, 2017, the newspaper has appeared in a more respectable A2 format in a new layout. The solution, developed by Depot WPF, makes Izvestia as convenient and enjoyable for reading as possible.

GLBA News: Eat and Play with China


Duck wings, a duck neck and other spicy meat products are very popular in China. In local market Jue Yi brand make such hot meat products. Together with our GLBA partner — Flamesun branding agency — the company has launched the new package design for the product.

GLBA: Lezita Fish's Package Design


Our GLBA partner, Istanbul based and globally awarded packaging design agency Orhan Irmak Tasarım created the new logo and packaging design of Lezita fish product line. Lezita brand has been in the chicken market for years and therefore it was critical to communicate the new product line inline with the chicken range.

GLBA News: Packaging Ideas for Idena


B+P Creality being our partner and presenting GLBA in Berlin together with the family-owned company Iden developed the new brand + packaging design for their brand Idena. Idena, whose product range now covers around 1,000 articles, received a new high-contrast, eye-catching packaging design.

Lipton: warming winter design


Unilever company presented the new Lipton tea with the «warm winter taste of cinnamon and vanilla…» and warming package design from Depot WPF.

First results of the Russian tourism brand


On 27 of January Association of Branding Companies in Russia and Federal Tourism Agency presented the first outcomes of the work on the Russian tourism brand. Journalists saw 22 brand concepts, that got in the long-list. All these concept are the result of the teamwork of the «Russian brand team»,which includes Depot WPF.

GLBA News: Milka & Bonibon's Package Design


Our GLBA partner, Istanbul based and globally awarded packaging design agency Orhan Irmak Tasarım created the new look of Milka Bonibon – a new launched product bringing together two different brands; global Milka and local Bonibon for the Turkish market.

FAMOUS cider: eat the fruit to the end


Depot WPF branding agency created a new brand of cider for "Alliance" company. Famous pieces of fine art, minimalism and a portion of irony is the formula of this project.

ONLYWINE: wine with speaking package label


Depot WPF branding agency together with Alliance company presented new Russian wine brand ONLYWINE — the brand for those who wants just wine, pure and simple.

With warm regards from NORTH-WEST


Depot WPF branding agency together with St. Petersburg meat-preserving factory presented new brand NORTH-WEST. A new emotional meet brand with design beyond categories is oriented on Russian North-West market.

Moscow identity by Depot WPF was tried out at the City day 2016


This year the Government of Moscow shared the Russian capital identity by Depot WPF on the City Day 2016. Our teem сreated the Moscow visual style as a part of GLBA meeting identity for the GLBA Design Conference held last September.

INVITRO: modern medicine with a human face


Depot WPF branding agency developed the brand INVITRO and created the new visual style for the largest privat medecine company in Russia. The new identity reflects the main features of the company: its leadership position and a special medical ethitcs.

Depot WPF will participate in the creation of Russian tourist brand


This December Russia will get a tourist brand. Depot WPF branding agency’s experts will take active part in its development. Russia’s nation branding project was initiated by Federal Tourism Agency in collaboration with the Association of Branding Companies in Russia (ABCR).

Warm feelings with "Expanses of Motherland"


"Expanses of Motherland" chocolates package has been re-designed by Depot WPF branding agency in terms of "Russia – Generous Spirit" brand redesign for Nestle Russia.

KFC Russia rebranding: global, legendary and modern


Yum! Brands Russia and Depot WPF rebranded the KFC legendary fast food restaurant chain in Russia. The corporate identity and the brand communication concept have been changed by our team.

PEC company’s rebranding: everything about the new image of the main Russian cargo transportation company


PEC company is one of the largest Russian transportation companies that continues the process of re-branding: its own vechicle fleet for delivery of goods has been decorated in a new style, a repair in the office and warehouse complexes in 120 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan has already begun. The new positioning and corporate identity was developed by Depot WPF branding agency.

48 COPECKS ice-cream redesign: light, modern and stylish


Nestle Russia and Depot WPF branding agency presents a new 48 COPECKS ice-cream packaging design.

KARAT Cottage: tasty and natural a la homemade


Moscow factory of processed cheese KARAT and Depot WPF branding agency presented new dairy brand KARAT Сottage. It's the third bold project within the complex company rebranding project.

Оnline shop logistics: easy solution


PEC company is one of the largest Russian transportation companies that offers specialized service for online shop logistics called Easy Way. The new service brand — from strategy and naming to corporate identity — was created by Depot WPF branding agency.

LEX wallpaper paste by Bostik


Depot WPF developed packaging design for a new product range of Bostik company, one of the world's leaders in adhesive materials production.

Russian creativity ranking got new identity


Depot WPF developed the brand identity for national creativity ranking, which helps clients understant who is who among advertising, branding and marketing agencies.

FRP: governmental support without complications and officialism


Depot WPF branding agency developed the brand for the Industry Development Fund (FRP) that was created by the Trade and Industry Ministry for financing import-subsituting projects in industry and technology. FRP became one of the first governmental institutions with bright and friendly identity.

Good mood = Violette cream cheese


Moscow factory of processed cheese KARAT and Depot WPF branding agency have presented the second bold project within the rebranding of the company — the redesign of Violette cream cheese.

"Absolute Insurance": the new name and image of IIC Euro-Policy


IIC Euro-Policy in the Absolut investment group underwent rebranding and changed its name. The project was implemented by the team of Depot WPF branding agency.

Spring comes with a new "Comme il faut" series!


Nestlé Russia has presented a new limited edition of "Comme il faut" chocolates, the package for which had been traditionally developed by Depot WPF.

"Butcher’s warranty": brand you can trust


Agroholding RUSAGRO and Depot WPF branding agency presented the new meat product brand "Butcher’s warranty" opens a new direction in Russian meat market. online cinema new image


Depot WPF completed a large-scale branding project for online video streaming service, The company is Russian leader among legal online film distribution platforms with millions of monthly visitors.

"Princess" baby cosmetics: like my mother has, only better!


Depot WPF branding agency has updated "Princess" brand — one of the leading brands of baby cosmetics on Russian market and a key brand in the portfolio of the Company Clover holding.

Long Sheng Pharma: an international perspective on Asia


Branding agency Depot WPF rebranded international pharmaceutical company headquartered in Hong Kong.

Extraordinary regards from Lipton and Depot WPF


Before the New Year holidays Unilever pleased consumers with the limited edition of Lipton special promo package in the form of Christmas-tree decorations — nesting dolls. The idea and design of the collection have been created by branding agency Depot WPF.

Transparent Identity


Depot WPF agency developed brand identity for WCFA (World Communication Forum Association). The design is to stress the organization's main values: strive to communications' transparency and lack of borders.

KARAT: new approach to retro


Moscow soft cheese factory ‘Karat’ held the first large-scale rebranding during its 81-year history and redesigned its products, which are familiar to every Russian.

«Russia generous soul» brand became younger


Depot WPF branding agency redesigned the main chocolate brand in “Nestle Russia”'s portfolio. “Russia generous soul” keeps up with the times and changes together with its audience.

Depot WPF's concept is among winners of the DIY international contest


Within the epda congress in Berlin the awarding ceremony of DIY contest took place, and it was this year organized by the association in partnership with Pierre Fabre company. A work by Depot WPF appeared to be among winners.

Top communication projects turned into new ACAR corporate identity


Depot WPF branding agency presented new visual style for Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR). It is based on Russia's best communication projects of the year, visualized with the help of eye-tracking technology.

Mlk Organic Dairy launched new products: drinkable yogurts


New yogurts by famous dairy brand Mlk came to Russian market. You can already buy them in any Azbuka Vkusa shop in Moscow.

New identity for Moscow by Depot WPF


Depot WPF presents a new visual style for Moscow as a part of GLBA meeting identity. The GLBA Design Conference takes part in Moscow on September 17-18.

Depot WPF unified and united premium GAZPROMNEFT brands


Depot WPF improved the logos for premium GASPROMNEFT brands and made brand books for its most significant companies: G-Drive and G-Energy.

MOCCONA: the delicate allure of the moment


The managing company of MOCCONA and Pickwick brands in CIS countries - ZAO «TK «Megapolis» and Depot WPF branding agency have launched the promotion campaign of the MOCCONA flavored coffee product line.

«Plus Baby Help» fund and Depot WPF turn minus into plus


Depot WPF has developed the rebranding of «Plus Baby Help» charity fund. The new corporate identity of the fund shows that helping some big deal is easy.

Nestle 48 KOPEEK and Depot WPF have made milkshake with millions of bubbles


«Nestle Russia» introduces the new product of 48 KOPEEK brand – ice cream for milkshakes. Packaging design was developed by Depot WPF branding agency.

«BALTIKA» announces the new brand NEON BEER


The new democratic brand has enlarged the wide range of «Baltika» in the lower price segment. GLBA international alliance represented in Russia by the Depot WPF branding agency had developed the packaging design for the NEON BEER.

Unilever has launched a promotion campaign for REXONA Women «Powder dry»


Depot WPF branding agency has developed key visual и POS display design for the new line of women`s antiperspirants with micro powder.

Myllyn Paras extrapolates the «1928» brand


The Finnish company is expanding its range of products under the brand «1928» in cooperation with Depot WPF branding agency: fruit porridges «1928» has already hit retail shelves.

Metro Cash&Carry enhances customer loyalty in partnership with Depot WPF


Depot WPF branding agency developed the creative concept and corporate identity of METRO EXPO 2015 — the fifth trade show that the international retailer performs for its partners, clients and friends.

Red Apple:case


We`d like to share a video case of the identity of the International Advertising Festival Red Apple, which Depot WPF developed in 2014.

«Emil» confirmed its leading status in Eastern Kazakhstan market


Depot WPF has successfully worked with brands in CIS markets: in agency's portfolio there are bright cases for Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and other countries. Our recent case is a complex project of rebranding for «Emil» company, which is one of the major dairy manufacturers in Eastern Kazakhstan.

HEINEKEN and Depot WPF introduce the Chinese dragon to Russia


HEINEKEN launches the production of rice beer in Russia. The new FEILONG brand developed by Depot WPF branding agencyis oriented on Siberia and Far East markets.

Catch The Touch: Bed linen packaging concept


'Catch The Touch' expensive bed linen brand is a new concept by Depot WPF team. It provides a new look at the opportunities vacuum packaging offers.

Apriori chocolate tastes collection for "Vernost Kachestvu"


Depot WPF branding agency presented "Apriori" chocolate new packaging design. This brand is the hallmark of the "Vernost Kachestvu" confectionery factory.

Depot WPF and ERFURT told about unique features of wallpaper


Major German paintable wallpaper manufacturer, ERFURT, launches an advertising campaign in Russia. Depot WPF branding agency developed its creative concept and key-visual.

Depot WPF helps Myllyn Paras and Angry Birds to become friends


Two Finnish brands meet on the packaging of cereals to make healthy food more attractive to children. Depot WPF branding agency designed the packaging for Myllyn Paras products branded with popular characters from «Angry Birds» and «Angry Birds Go!» games.

Depot WPF moved focus from manner to matter


Crianzas y Viñedos R. Reverte wine producer asked our agency to create packaging that would reflect the ingenuity and delicacy of its Garnacha Centenaria wine. We suggested a bold decision for the conservative category of premium wines.

Depot WPF introduces you to new flavours from Moccona


The coffee company Douwe Egberts, which owns the international brand Moccona, has released flavoured instant coffee on the Russian market. Depot WPF created the packaging design for the new range.

Marketing as a religion


Depot WPF developed creative concept for the Kotler Awards. It is going to be presented in Moscow for the first time ever in March 2014. They will be contested by leading experts in the communications business in Russia, who will be hand-picked and presented with their awards by Kotler himself.

Depot WPF gathered an 'Armful' of purchases


Depot WPF branding agency has created a brand for a variety stores chain. The first stores are already opened in Novosibirsk. More shops are to appear in other Russian cities.

Depot WPF turns ‘Comme il faut’ into the perfect gift


Nestlé Russia has unveiled a gift version of ‘Comme il faut’ chocolates. The packaging was designed by Depot WPF. The agency has worked with ‘Comme il faut’ for ten years, since the brand was first launched back in 2004.

Nestlé releases ‘open-hearted’ chocolates


Depot WPF produced the naming and packaging design for a chocolate bar that is unique in the Russian market. The new range ‘S otkrytym serdtsem’ (‘Open-hearted’) is being released under the brand label ‘Rossiya – Schedraya dusha’.

Vangold: jewellery with simplicity


The branding agency Depot WPF developed the positioning and brand style of the jewellers Vangold – one of Russia's biggest manufacturers of items of jewellery.

Masterpieces on the grill


Depot WPF designed the promotional campaign ‘You pay for grilled masterpieces!’ for the Moscow cafe Ragout. The advertising posters, painted using a grill pan, look more like art objects than advertisements.

Depot WPF and Bonduelle let off some steam


The branding agency Depot WPF designed the packaging for ‘Na paru’ – steamed vegetables by Bonduelle. This is a new range of conserved vegetables, cooked using an innovative technology which locks in more flavour and goodness than ever before.

Papa Care: Winning fathers’ confidence and mothers' affection


The branding agency Depot WPF has designed the new brand for children's cosmetics made from natural ingredients, Papa Care, for the company Bioguard. The brand conveys the idea that Dads are just as important to babies as Mums.

Heinz ketchup designed by Depot WPF


The branding agency Depot WPF created the design for a commemorative range of ketchups made by Heinz – one of the world's biggest manufacturers of ketchups, sauces and mayonnaises.

Depot WPF locks in the traditions of Myllyn Paras with its packaging design


Myllyn Paras Oy Konserni is one of Finland’s leading manufacturers of flour, porridge oats, pasta and emi finished products used in baking. Depot WPF designed the packaging for Myllyn Paras’s ‘1928’ range of flour, in the upper price segment.

Depot WPF and Nestlé restyle the ‘Comme il faut’ brand


Our agency has worked with ‘Comme il faut’ for ten years, since the brand was first launched back in 2004. The premium brand of chocolates is changing with the times, so that it stays relevant to the lives of its consumers.