Bahroma: ice cream with oriental flavor

Дата публикации: 27.12.2017

Depot WPF (Moscow, Russia) and Food One (Kazakhstan) presented a new brand of ice cream – Bahroma.

Bahroma: ice cream with oriental flavor

Food One, the leader of the Central Asian ice cream industry, has decided to launch a new brand to expand its market share and boundaries. The prospective sales regions are Central Asia, Russia and Europe.

Based on the results of the studies, the concept was chosen: ice cream as a kind of oriental sweets. Among the diversity of these desserts, the concept of «oriental ice cream» is practically unknown. The concept was built into existing trends on the market and logically sent to the place of production and individual sales regions. However, the eastern theme should not have been tied to a specific country.

«The name «Bahroma» (means «fringe» in Russian) was chosen fr om the options we proposed, among which there were more authentic words with oriental roots», – says creative director of Depot WPF Agency Anastasia Tretyakova. – The fringe is associated with Asia without reference to a specific place. For western people, fringe is an attribute of both designer clothes and carnival costumes».
Speaking of the visual solution of packaging, one must keep in mind the differences in the regions in which sales of the Bahroma ice cream are planned. On the one hand, these are the Asian states (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan etc.) – and the concept for local consumers is obvious, on the other – Europe and the European part of Russia, and then we need to adapt the packaging for the western mentality, while preserving the identity.
«Designer Nikita Ivanov has created exotic, fashionable and premium design, wh ere oriental elements and traditional oriental ornaments are combined with modern western formats», – says creative director Depot WPF Alexey Fadeev.

Konstantin Dotsenko, marketing director of Food One, is pleased with the result of cooperation with the agency: «We have got a beautiful, exquisite brand, the embodiment of the mysterious East. It shines with colors, it smells of spices».
According to the independent information service, which published a report from the ice cream production, the Bahroma line includes 12 kinds of goodies, including an ice-cream with natural fruit juice Turkish delight, Nut Halva in Chocolate, Prunes in Chocolate, Fig and nougat and others.