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Brand strategy

Research and analysis. Brand positioning and brand platform. The structure of the analytical report: an overview of the market, trends in the category and the main market players, segmentation of the target audience, consumer insight. The brand platform includes: key insight, brand/product attributes, brand benefits (rational/emotional), brand values and character, brand essence 4 weeks from 1 200 000 RUB
Communication strategy Communication strategy is a system of brand interaction with target audiences, developed on the basis of the brand platform 3 weeks from 700 000 RUB

Naming and copyright

Naming from 3 options with a preliminary check according to the FIPS database (up to 3 classes of NCL) 3 weeks from 400 000 RUB
Tagline from 5 option of the tagline with a preliminary check 2 weeks from 200 000 RUB
Brand legend 2 options of the brand legend.
A legend is a short artistic text (up to 2000 characters) that allows you to convey to the consumer the main advantages of the product in an interesting way.
2 weeks from 300 000 RUB

Corporate identity

Corporate identity and logo from 2 options of corporate identity and brand logo and fine-tuning of the chosen concept according to the client's comments 5 weeks from 1 200 000 RUB
Retail design Brand development from scratch or rebranding of existing ones. Zoning, planograms, communications, graphic design, retail book. 6 weeks from 1 400 000 RUB
Digital design Digital product design development 4 weeks from 1 000 000 RUB
Brandbook Rules and recommendations for the use of brand identity 2 weeks from 400 000 RUB

Label and packaging graphic design

Packaging design from 3 options of packaging design and logo, fine-tuning of the selected concept according to the client's comments 4 weeks from 850 000 RUB
Conceptual packaging shape design from 2 options of packaging design and logo, finalization of the chosen concept according to the client's comments 4 weeks from 550 000 RUB
Preparation of original layouts and prepress 1 SKU (1 label) 1 weeks from 40 000 RUB


Creative idea and promotion concept Description of the concept and key communication idea, basic image or visuals, slogan / key message of the brand, principles of creative brand communication, according to the target audience segmentation 3 weeks from 800 000 RUB
Product key visual or promotion key visual from 2 options of product key visual or key visual promotions 2 weeks from 300 000 RUB

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