Green Love on the World Brand Design Society

Дата публикации: 02.01.2023

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Green Love — an eco-brand of household cleaning products, which provides certified eco-friendly home care products, created on the basis of naturally-occurring plant components and designed for daily use and maintaining cleanliness in the house.

The name itself — Green Love — speaks about endless love for the world. The focus of the brand is changeless quality, efficiency of cleaning products and their complete safety for humans, animals and the environment. It was necessary to find insights to create an emotional connection with the consumer, reflect the attributes and advantages of an eco-brand in the design, increase brand awareness in the federal marketplace and the attractiveness of products for consumers, show an eco-friendly approach to product creation, a careful attitude to the planet and all the functional and ideological advantages of the brand.

The fact is that people are ready to buy environmentally friendly products. However, they often do not have time to read the information on the sticker and look for claims and certification marks.

Therefore, it was decided to make a completely green package, with a great logo occupying most of the front space of the package. The logo’s lettering is inspired by the delicate interweaving of leaves and the gentle curves of branches, showing delicacy and care.

The dominant green color symbolizes natural strength, reminding of pleasant sunny meadows and endless fields.
The design is simple and at the same time inspiring, encouraging you to love yourself, the people around you and the planet.

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