Valaam - luminous products!

Дата публикации: 23.07.2018

Depot WPF developed the federal product brand Valaam

Valaam - luminous products!

Thanks to the efforts of the brethren and philanthropists of the Valaam Monastery, in the past several years the Valaam farm was reconstructed and modern foreign equipment was installed. Today natural products of daily demand are already producedon Valaam, correspondingto the high requirements of taste qualities.

"Valaam is bigger than a monastery," said the archbishop of the Valaam Monastery, bishop Pankraty. - This is nature and geography. Many people turned out to believe in this and want to participate in it. And gradually we came to the fact that we can develop a quality brand of a good level and go out with it in trade.

We were inspired much with the power and beauty of the reserved Valaam: with its untouched lands, the purest waters and air that absorbed all the best that the northern nature can give. The team faced the challenge: to come up with a design concept that would attract the attention of a wide audience and look competitive among the already existing product brands on the market. And we managed to develop a federal grocery brand "Valaam", offering a concise, stylish and effective packaging design for the entire product line.

"We prepared about ten variants of concepts, of which the" luminous "packaging was chosen," said designer Nikita Ivanov. - Identity is impressionable itself, it can be suitable for packing different product categories. This is quite convenient, as Valaam products plan to expand the product line and adapt the design concept to the new products. Combining simplicity and restraint with magnetic brightness, the resulting package translates the idea of ​​good and light in the modern world. The yellow circle, which instantly attracts the eye - is a symbol of sun, warmth, kindness, emphasizing the bright image of products under the brand Valaam. The brand creates the confidence that the products associated with Valaam were created with pure thoughts and a pure soul. They are called to bring peace and prosperity to our home.

- Nikita came up with a perfect idea, with the image of a bottle on a package of milk, and a glass on a kefir package, - shared the opinion of the general director of Valaam Products JSC, Oleg Temirov. - Because subconsciously people are looking for a bottle of milk and a glass of kefir.

Purity, primordiality, kindness, completeness and modernity - these words are suitable both for natural products and our final design concept. In combination with the modern approach to Russian traditional typography and with an exceptionally "clean" package design, Valaam will become one of the most authentic brands in the modern market.

- We wanted to avoid having the product directly associated with the church, since it immediately narrows the number of possible consumers,- said archbishop Pankraty. - "Orthodox" products, halal products or kosher products - this is still focused on a narrow range of believers. We do not specifically write that it is a monastery, that it is "Orthodox", we do not use stylization for the Old Russian style and domes on the package. First, it already became familiar. Secondly - narrows the audience. Let everyone buy, including those who do not adhere to any religious beliefs.

The production of products under the brand name Valaam is carried out by large enterprises on a contract basis. For production, traditional recipes are used, and those that were stored for centuries in the monastery. Therefore, the developed consumer brand is able not only to compete successfully with large federal brands, but also to establish its own standards and criteria. It is assumed that products under the brand name Valaam can be seen on the shelves of stores by the fall.