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Gornaya - Портфолио Depot

The brand of non—carbonated drinking water "Gornaya" is one of the leaders in the Dagestan market. The manufacturing company Deneb plans to enter the federal level, thats why the brand needs a fresh look at the shape and design of the bottle, which will attract, among other things, a young audience.

With this task, the company came to our agency. At the same time, it was necessary to maintain the recognition of the water bottle, since the brand has been on the market for many years and has a certain perception by the consumer.

Gornaya - Портфолио Depot

Fresh air, emerald meadows, clear water – this is all the basis for creating mountain, pure water, which originates in the high mountains of Dagestan.

The agency's team proposed a simple and ergonomic shape with minimal but ennobling reliefs.
The pattern on the bottle, located all over its surface, symbolizes mountain streams rushing to the bottom.

Gornaya - Портфолио Depot

A large font solution adds modernity to the design, but at the same time retains brand awareness.
Visually, the label is divided into two parts and looks verified and whole, which allows the water to become noticeable on the category shelf.

The unique letter "O" with the integrated silhouette of the mountain acts as an element that can later become a distinctive feature of the entire brand.

Gornaya - Портфолио Depot

Deneb company is the leader of the soft drinks market of the Republic of Dagestan. The history of the company dates back to 1997, when the first bottle of the drink "Deneb - pear" came off the assembly line. Today Deneb is a brand with a wide range and world quality standards, with the status of a leader in the formation of consumer preferences.
Project Team:

Vera Zvereva — Art Director,
Stanislav Neretin — designer,
Andrey Gladkov — Art director.
Vera Turabova — NewBiz Manager,
Anastasia Volkolup — Project Manager,

Alexey Andreev — Managing Partner,
Anna Lukanina — Managing Partner,
Ivan Krapivin — digital Director,
Ksenia Parkhomenko — Executive Director,
Daria Vedernikova — Director of Communications and PR,
Daria Mukhina — PR Manager. 
Activity: Dairy Products
Client: Deneb
End Date: 05/06/2021

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