«Open-Hearted» Rossiya – Schedraya Dusha

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«Open-Hearted» Rossiya – Schedraya Dusha - Портфолио Depot

These chocolates are known for their unconventional shape: each chunk of chocolate has a little heart carved into it. The new chocolate bar is available in two varieties: tender milk chocolate and traditional dark chocolate with the filling flavour of cocoa beans. The new «open-hearted» chocolate bars have added to the range available under the trade mark Rossiya – Schedraya Dusha and are already on sale.

Research has shown that Russian consumers find the new shape of the chocolate bar unusual and intriguing, and that it attracts a lot of interest. During tests, however, it emerged that even if the product is presented on the packaging in a fairly obvious way, potential clients do not always appreciate what makes it so special. Depot was tasked with drawing attention to this specific shape in the naming and in the design.
Client: Nestle
End Date: 12/19/2013

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