Workshop is a cooperation between an agency and itscustomer in the working session format. Actually, this is rather a method than a type of work. The following developments can be made during a workshop:

Brand touchpoints mean searching for points of interaction, ranging, determination of tasks, deadlines and responsible persons;
ZMET is G. Zaltman's metaphor elicitation technique;
Visual Brand Driver: Creation of a project's visual board in order all the process participants could equally understand verbal characteristics of the brand and design solutions, as well as the parties could faster come to mutual understanding of the desired brand development vector;
Orbiter is a projective technique of brand values, features and personality identification;
Empathy Chart is a tool for idea visualization developed by XPLANE, making it possible to put oneself in the user's position. The main objective is to create a detailed portrait of perfect consumer for a particular product;
5 senses mean creation of the brand language based on all 5 parameters of the consumer interaction with a product and package, advertisement and store and other attributes or elements of promotion;
Consumer Profile: Creation of a customer profile (character technique). VPD (Value proposition design): Development of a value-based proposition explaining advantages of goods and services for the consumer. It enables to consider all aspects of the new product development process and come to an optimal version of the product proposal;
CJM Customer Journey Map is a tool for visualization of the consumer and product/service interaction. It creates the required customer experience;
QFD: quality function deployment. It is a flexible decision-making method used in deployment of goods and services. QFD can help focusing on the most crucial features of new or existing goods or services from the point of view of an individual customer, market segment, company or development technology.

A workshop lasts from 3 hours to several days depending on specific character of the project and complexity of the task. As this is a joint work of an agency and its customer, both parties should prepare for it. Details and scope of preparation are determined individually for each project. As a rule, we search into a matter, collect data, prepare stimulus materials for the work, and the customer gathers a team of specialists who can answer all questions in details and summarize all available information.
Workshops - Брендинговое агентство Depot

Workshops - Брендинговое агентство Depot