Anna Lukanina — on global packaging design trends (based on Pentawards 2015)

Дата публикации: 29.09.2015

Depot WPF’s managing partner Anna Lukanina was in the jury of Pentawards this year. She made her own list of design projects she appreciated the most and analyzed global trends we can trace judging by Pentawards results and we should definitely pay attention to.

Anna Lukanina, Depot WPF, about Pentawards jury

Аnna Lukanina, Depot WPF’s managing partner, EPDA vice president, Pentawards 2015 jury member:

— It was the first time for me to work in Pentawards jury. It is impressive how many good projects were applied to this contest. They were very diverse, coming from all over the world: Europe, Asia, America. I should say that it is really difficult to be objective here: the projects are too different by nature. That is why projects in the winners' list are hardly comparable with each other.

Unfortunately, due to the festival’s regulations I can’t speak about all projects that participated in the contest. That’s why I only share the winners. If I didn't sign the confidentiality agreement, I would definitely include in my list some other outstanding works, including some from Russia and China. Anyway, I'll try to highlight the most important global trends in packaging design that can be noticed in most projects applied to Pentawards. From my point of view, they are worth paying attention to.

1. Strong focus on material and form factor

Marc Jacobs Beauty Line (Established agency)

Pentawards winner 2015

Gino's Garden (Marios Karystios agency)

pentawards 2015 winners, Gino's Garden by Marios Karystios

2. Turning the supermarket into an art gallery

Van der Burgh Chocolaad Jheronimus (Studio Kluif agency)

Pentawards 2015 winners, Van der Burgh Chocolaad Jheronimus (агентство Studio Kluif)

Heineken - The Rijksmuseum Bottles (dBOD agency)

Pentawards 2015 winners, Heineken - The Rijksmuseum Bottles (агентство dBOD)

3. Focus on bright metaphors 

Prismologie (Williams Murray Hamm agency)

pentawards 2015 winners, Prismologie by Williams Murray Hamm

pentawards 2015 winners, Prismologie by Williams Murray Hamm

Rawalgyn (Dorian agency)

pentawards 2015 winners, Gin Rawal by Dorian

4.  Making the range work

If an agency works with a whole SKU “family” (not with a separate product) — it is a crime if you miss an opportunity to take advantage of it!

Ica - Gott liv private label (Designkontoret Silver agency)

pentawards 2015 winners, Частная марка Ica - Gott liv (агентство Designkontoret Silver)

pentawards 2015 winners, Частная марка Ica - Gott liv (агентство Designkontoret Silver)

Moraz + cosmetic line (sadowsky berlin agency)

pentawards 2015 winners, Moraz + cosmetic line, sadowsky berlin

The Geometry Of Pasta (Here Design agency) 

Pentawards 2015 winners, The Geometry Of Pasta by Here Design

The Geometry Of Pasta by Here Design

5. Getting the consumer intrigued

Tentenublo Wines— Escondite Del Ardacho (Calcco agency)

pentawards 2015 winners, Brand: Tentenublo Wines  Escondite Del Ardacho, Entrant: Calcco

6. Encouraging conspicuous consumption 

In every category — even with a wall paint or roasted pork :-)

Beautifood — Oink, Oink (Supperstudio agency)

pentawards 2015 winner, beautifood by Supperstudio

Noroo - Pantone Premium Paint (Brandchef agency)

Pentawards 2015 winner, Brand: Noroo - Pantone Premium Paint, Entrant: Brandchef

7.  Playful design & personalized contact with a consumer

Purearth (Afterhours agency)

pentawards 2015 winner, Purearth (агентство: Afterhours)

Silver Spoon - Enjoy (Springetts Brand Design Consultants agency)

pentawards 2015 winner, silver spoon - enjoy

Wheat flour and dry yeast (emart agency)

pentawards 2015 winner, emart