Brand rating - 2017

Дата публикации: 10.01.2017

Online rating of the most promising brands 2017 by Forbes. 3 of 10 of them are Depot WPF projects - Mlk, "Papa can" and Neon Beer.

At of the beginning of 2016, according to the "First Patent Company", in Russia there were over 340,000 registrations of trademarks and service marks. Only in 2015, Rospatent registered 43,042 new items, among them 20,539 in the name of Russian applicants. To evaluate them all is unreal, so we made a long-list for the rating of brands by studying presentations of novelties on the marketing sites.

At this time, we choose brands of packaged goods that were on the shelves of stores only (the brand should exist for at least a year). 30 trademarks were selected in 16 product categories. We asked experts to evaluate their concept and identity separately  (logo, corporate identity, package design) on a scale from 0 to 5 points. The scores were summed up, and the average score was displayed, and the finalists were located - No. 1 had 7,9 and No. 10 had 6. Since the rating was made before the end of the calendar year, the indicated revenue for 2016 is the forecast of the companies themselves or the Forbes estimate based on the sales data in volume terms.

This year, among the projects that fall into the rating are three developments by Depot WPF. In the first place - the brand of farm products MLK: the project received the highest evaluation of experts. Also, the top ten leaders included the trademark of sausage products "Papa can" and the beer brand Neon Beer.