G-Drive: development of a cool, sporting, dynamic brand

Дата публикации: 18.05.2017

The branding agency Depot WPF and the company Gazpromneft presented the packaging design for the product line under the G-Drive brand. The brand covers more than a hundred items, including windscreen washer fluid, cleaning sprays, wet wipes, brushes, glasses for drivers, etc.

G-Drive: development of a cool, sporting, dynamic brand

A task:

One of the key areas of Gazpromneft's work is the development of a retail network of filling stations. To strengthen its leadership position and increase consumer confidence, the company released a line of first-class related products for cars under the brand name of premium fuel G-Drive (market leader in recognition by TNS research in 2016).

Depot WPF was instructed to develop a package design embodying the image of "G-Drive": bold, sporty and dynamic. The main goal of the project was to strengthen the presence of the brand on the shelf and create a clear visual code, characteristic for the premium segment, without using additional communications.

The solution:

"We were lucky to develop a package design with the character of a racing car! The team of G-Drive Racing has been protecting the colors of the Russian flag for several years at international competitions, the G-Drive fuel gives new sensations from driving, and our product combines the energy of sports victories and the efficiency of advanced technologies available to the consumer. We did our best to reveal these qualities in the visual image of our own brand G-Drive, - says art director of the project Jane Struk.

At the heart of the design concept - technical innovation, progressive solutions, the desire for bold experiments and nothing superfluous. "The rapid diagonal brand zone on a deep black background, like an engine, acts as a key brand identifier," - emphasizes Jane.

Particular attention is paid to the details: an individual approach to each product taking into account the form factor and visual infographics have become the trademark of the brand.

The entire set of rules and principles of the organization of packaging was designed in a detailed brand-beech of its own brand G-Drive, which will help maintain the external uniformity of all products as the brand develops.

The project was held in 2015 and the G-Drive brand is currently being updated.