32 Delicious Milk Packaging Design Ideas

Дата публикации: 24.05.2017

Milk plays an important role in people’s goal of eating healthy and having an active lifestyle. Milk manufacturers therefore are riding this trend by introducing milk brands that are aimed at health-conscious people. This is reflected in the packaging of milk in terms of portability and labeling. Most milk packaging are focused on the fat content of each brand, having different color or design for example for each type of milk (whole milk, non-fat milk, skim milk, so on and so forth). Also, white remains to be the most dominant color of milk packaging since this color represents milk’s purity and health value. Most milk packaging designs also remained to put value on eco-packaging, with most of them using materials that are recyclable.
The images below are just low-resolution preview of the packaging designs. To view them in high-resolution format and to know more about the specifics of each design, simply click on the preview image.

32 Examples of Milk Packaging Designs

01-MLK-Designed by Depot WPF Branding Agency, Russia
This packaging makes use of natural farming patterns – a family farm, where the products are produced in a traditional way. Illustrations are hand-made (with a pencil) which enables to stress the hand-made production process. In addition, a pencil technique makes the image “soft”.

02-Soy Mamelle by Kian Brand
A packaging concept of Soy Milk aimed at informing regular milk consumers that milk obtained from natural plants is as good as cow’s milk.

03-Organic Farm by Lindsay Perkins, Savannah College of Art and Design
The designed packaging was inspired by a small, local, organic farm in rural Maine.The idea behind the design is to do sustainable, organic, label free packaging.

A new look for Schroeder that aims to communicate on three levels. The first level is a clean, white opaque package that communicated a European sophistication. The next level is the use of the words One, Two, Whole, and Skim each scaled reflect the fat level of the milk. The last is the use of rotating, esoteric phrases that spoke to consumers in an anti-marketing language.

CALPIS is made from non-fat milk fermented slowly by adding microorganism including lactobacillus unique Calpis. The cultured milk produced in such manner is called Calpis Cultured Milk.

06-Spotted Cow by Motto
The intent behind the design of the Spotted Cow brand was to be playful, youthful, and based around good ol’ milk mustaches and spilled milk. The design inspiration came from childhood memories of finding images in clouds. A splash of milk in the shape of a cow yielded the ideal design solution.


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