Extraordinary regards from Lipton and Depot WPF

Дата публикации: 30.12.2015

Before the New Year holidays Unilever pleased consumers with the limited edition of Lipton special promo package in the form of Christmas-tree decorations — nesting dolls. The idea and design of the collection have been created by branding agency Depot WPF.

Extraordinary regards from Lipton and Depot WPF

The Christmas series includes four Lipton nesting dolls - from Russia, Spain, India and Japan. Each of them has been worked out in detail: face, eyes, clothes, accessories... All of these things reflects the national character of its owner. The collection of Lipton nesting dolls is a perfect new-year addition. Moreover, it is really long lived because of material strength: the figure is made of tin, which can’t be deformed or fly into pieces.

In support of the promo package the online campaign "Extraordinary regards" was launched. As a result anyone can create a vivid personal congratulations to near and dear ones.

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