Dairy family legends

Дата публикации: 22.05.2018

Depot WPF developed a package for farm products "Family business".

Dairy family legends

Creating a package for farm products is always an interesting task. Especially for such customer as "Cheburashkin Brothers. Family Farm". The owners of this enterprise are known for their sophisticated taste and exacting attitude to the design of their products. Vladislav and Stanislav Cheburashkin came to Depot WPF agency with a new brand "Family business", under which it is planned to produce several popular positions of the dairy assortment.

Adapting to the task, the project team drew attention to the importance for the new product of the concept of "family". It is not only found in the brand name, but also embedded in the business philosophy of the manufacturer. It is the family nature that is the key to understanding farming that is not tied to a specific place (the Cheburashkin farm-enterprise already operates in two districts of the Moscow region and will expand further).

Families who own private dairy production do not just work on the farm: they live there. This is a life full of work, enthusiasm, joy and funny stories, which eventually become family legends. We decided to transfer this unique spirit by showing on the package live stories about family dairy production. The design uses a series of illustrations (author Vera Zvereva), solved in a warm and slightly naive manner. The main heroes of graphic sketches were a girl and a cow, which from the category character turned into a real member of the "dairy family".

So the packaging helped to fill the new brand with warmth and make the farmer lifestyle values ​​ closer to Russian consumers.

"While developing the design, we immediately laid down a flexible system that can easily be adapted to different formats of packaging, while it retains the recognizability and emotional tone of communication," says designer Vera Zvereva. - A series of illustrations consists of much more plots than now SKU. We hope that the line will expand and soon the story about the girl and the cow will see the light in full. "

Vladislav Cheburashkin, the founder and general director of the "Cheburashkin Brothers. Family Farm" said: "Creating a new brand of dairy products in a more mass segment than the premium family brand "Cheburashkin Brothers. Family Farm ", we set ourselves a specific task - to find a design that would look attractive to the vast audience. We had to choose an agency that could surely provide many design options based on the positioning of the new brand, executed by different hands, and not by one or two designers, so unlike one another, and of course a high level of quality. Therefore, it is quite natural that proceeding from the task, we stopped at the leader of the branding services market - Depot WPF. For the agreed period we were given eight (!) Completely different design concepts, which we tested on consumers, interviewed 1000 respondents. And as a result, we chose the design that will be depicted on our products under the trademark "Family business".