The Packaging For These Dairy Products Is Simple Yet Effective

Дата публикации: 24.04.2018

The Dieline published the new concept by Depot WPF - for Valaam, a range of Russian dairy products.

Depot WPF designed this clean packaging for Valaam, a range of Russian dairy products. The design is simple yet showcases the product on its packaging, allowing the consumer a better idea of what they get as they make a purchase.
“Valaam is the place of power - famous monastery and one of the main religious places of pilgrimage in Russia. It is located in Karelia, which is well known for its unique nature, clean air, lakes, cliffs and forests. Could there be a better background to launch new dairy brand? But when you launch on mass-market it is tougher than you think. The competition is so strong, and messages are so cliche, you need to find the fastest and the simplest ways of delivering the message to consumers, you need to find unique language but still not fall out the category. Our design is as strong and self-sufficient, as unique and engaging but yet so simple and full of meanings, as the place itself is. The sun, the halo, the purity, the pristine, the kindness, the completeness and the perfection. Aren't these words fit dairy products the best? Together with modern approach to Russian traditional typography and extremely clean packaging design solution Valaam is one of the most authentic dairy brands in the market today.”