Packaging Superstars

Дата публикации: 11.04.2018

The report of Marisa Spiros about the 9th Global Local Branding Alliance (GLBA) conference was published in the April issue (2018) of the Food & Beverage Reporter (Johannesburg).


So you were just getting your packaging sorted for the Millennials. Too late! Get ready for the Digital Nomads. These and other insights from the recent Global Local Branding Alliance (GLBA) conference in Johannesburg. Marisa Spiros was there. 
From culture to heritage, history, wired millennials and younger "digital nomads", drivers of global packaging trends are limited only by the imagination. Top trends include design and packaging that is beautiful, "clean", sustainable and increasingly "smart", entertaining and interactive.
Bold use of colour and typography continue to be key design trends. And – oh, yes – a reminder that local and regional relevance are important in packaging. And mass packaging doesn't have to mean pedestrian – in design or materials.
These were key elements in the Global Local Branding Alliance (GLBA) ninth biannual conference on the theme, Consumer Insights and Packaging Trends, held in Sandton early March and attended by heavyweights from SA’s leading foodbev companies.
Hosted by GLBA founder Gail MacLeod, Stratcom CEO, the alliance is a mix of six other like-minded, multi-award- winning agencies from Germany, the USA, China, Russian, Turkey and Brazil, all of them packaging specialists.

"Limited editions" are another innovative arm that doesn't necessarily involve added value but that can build brand loyalty.

Limited editions can contribute to regional relevance, as GLBA's Russian partner Anna Lukanina of Depot WPF, showed in her conference presentation. One example is Lipton's Tea packaged in matryoshka (Russian nesting) dolls. 

You can read the conference report (pp. 26-28) by clicking on the link -