The Dieline: Milk and Honey Land

Дата публикации: 17.12.2014

The Dieline, world's most popular website about packaging design, has published our new project for «Milk and honey land». «This project is so beautiful! I love it», - commented the editor of the website.

Milk and Honey really bring cheer and authenticity to their packaging as they deliver straight from the farm to their customers home. Designed by Depot WPF whose concept was to bring real emotions to their packaging. So delightful!

"City dwellers are fed up with cliches. We no longer believe in the charm of ‘French' bakeries and 'Italian' pizza restaurants. We look for real emotions, not for just another craft, heritage or vintage pastiche. 'Milk and honey land' performs as a distributor for several farms, delivering to its customers meat, poultry, milk, bread …and emotions — adorable for their innocence & naivete."