GLBA internship program started at Depot WPF

Дата публикации: 17.09.2015

A new international professional exchange program for strategists, designers and managers started in GLBA. The first internship is taking place right now in Depot WPF in terms of the alliance semiannual meeting in Moscow.

GLBA internship program started at Depot WPF

During the program Flamesun art director (Shanghai) Song He and Depot WPF art director Vera Zvereva will exchange experience and work together on a packaging design project.

“What I expect from the internship at Depot WPF is to exchange design skills, especially at illustration, as Vera is a brilliant illustrator, – says Song. – I am also interested at what software Russian designers use. And I am open to any other activities connected to design and art.”

"Cultural exchange broadens your horizons, – Vera Zvereva says. – I learn a lot about the Chinese patterns of perception and start looking at my own work from another point of view. We have just spent hours discussing Depot WPF's projects and Song's works. This experience is priceless. And language of gestures and drawings helps a lot when we run out of our English".