Spring comes with a new "Comme il faut" series!

Дата публикации: 02.03.2016

Nestlé Russia has presented a new limited edition of "Comme il faut" chocolates, the package for which had been traditionally developed by Depot WPF.

Spring comes with a new "Comme il faut" series!

Spring package design of "Comme il faut" chocolates is presented again as a stylish store window decorated in retro style. New "window" became a follow-up to "Comme il faut" chocolates series timed to New Year holidays.

"Season limited editions of "Comme il faut" have long become a kind of brand's trademark. The consumers monitor closely its changes and look forward to new series, — Depot WPF's art director Vera Zvereva comments. — Every year we work out the plot for these series: thus, this year a box of chocolates turned into a store window. In the New Year series the window was artfully decorated with festive fairy lights and powdered with snow. Spring design became a follow-up to this winter story: this time the windows are decorated with flowers. And in the spotlight there's recognizable "Comme il faut" character dressed spring-like with constant attention to details”.

The spring series of "Comme il faut" series has already appeared in stores all over Russia. It's represented by three different tastes: two hazelnut mixes and a dessert one.

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