BIC Football Series

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In order to maintain communication with the client during the World Cup in Russia, BIC decided to develop a limited football series of lighters. Depot was tasked to create a recognizable and attractive design for the series, while respecting the limitations of the FIFA association on the use of championship style.

The emblems and colors of the football uniform for teams and representative teams have remained unchanged over the years. Club symbolism has become a tradition and the brightest element of visual identification. Such sports form is an «icon» for fans.

Tatyana Mikolaevskaya, designer of Depot: «Often, when developing graphics, you have to give up interesting solutions in order to comply with the conditions of the brief. But in this project, everything turned out the opposite: a rigid framework led us to a more abstract and unexpected execution. In my opinion, it turned out great! We did the work, feeling the excitement of the sport — almost like at the stadium!»

The Depot team came to a sure-fire solution: when developing a design, refer to the color of the uniform of most popular teams among football fans of the different countries. The use of such color combinations allows us to demonstrate to the world: I support this particular team at the stadium. We managed to perform a fairly simple, but at the same time effective design on such a complex object as a lighter, using only color and simple lines.

The lighters went into production in the «colors» of the teams of Russia, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, England and France — the teams which are the most recognizable at the championship, as well as the clear favorites of both the group stage and the playoffs.

Client: BIC
End Date: 06/15/2018