Ice Cream 48 COPEECK for Milkshakes

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Ice Cream 48 COPEECK for Milkshakes - Портфолио Depot

48 COPEECK is a legendary brand that several generations are familiar with and that has became the symbol of traditional sweet dainty for all ages. The new ice cream that helps you make a milkshake easily is a logical expansion of the 48 COPEECK product line. It’s never been easier to make a milkshake with «millions of bubbles» at home — the step by step recipe is printed on the side of the package.

Alexey Fadeev, Creative Director of Depot: «While developing the packaging design of the new SKU we wanted the package to stand out from the basic product line of the brand and to be notable in the freezing compartment. When someone is choosing an ice cream for themselves and their families one pays special attention to the naturalness and purity of the product. And our design reflects these qualities.»

Ice Cream 48 COPEECK for Milkshakes - Портфолио Depot

Client: Nestle
End Date: 05/29/2015

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