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Junion is Yandex Market own trademark for children under 12 years old. Yandex Junion produces children's bicycles and balance bikes, high chairs and car seats, paintings by numbers and creative goods. But the main thing that the brand already has is a special language which speaks with the customers. Together with Depot branding agency the Yandex team has been creating this brand and packaging for children and their parents. It was really important to find an optimal key to customers of all ages.

The communication with the customers is built through the informative branded product card including all the age groups’ features, and the additional mechanics such as characters, educational inserts, coloring pages, stickers, branded elements.

— When we started working on the logo, we already knew that it must give the gaming and the safety vibe at the same time. This nontrivial task made us create lots of different lettering versions that transformed into the variable font as a result. After that, literally "manually", changing the thickness and slope of the letters, we were looking for the right mood and the right plastic: soft / cheerful / serious / neutral. That’s how we found the right balance.

Anastasia Enhancer, creative director of Depot identity department.
Junion - Портфолио Depot

Junion - Портфолио Depot

—  It’s difficult and interesting to work on big design systems. There are two creative departments in Depot: the identity department and the department of packaging. Building large systems like Yandex Junion requires departments union.Together with Anastasia Enhancer, we combined the efforts of both departments in working on the project, picking up each other's work. It's important to mention that our close bond with the Yandex team made this work even better. We’ve been receiving feedback quickly. As a result we made a flexible and logical decision that works on all levels from banners and product cards to packaging design and hentags.

Vera Zvereva, creative director of Depot packaging department.

Junion - Портфолио Depot

Junion - Портфолио Depot

Our team:

Anastasia Enhancer — creative director of identity department,
Vera Zvereva — creative director of packaging department,
Jane Kudrinskaya — designer,
Stas Neretin — designer,
Evgeny Nikitin — motion designer,
Vyacheslav Sheyko — CGI designer,
Pavel Gubin — 3D designer,
Valeria Nikitina — head of the project,
Anna Rozhnova — client director,

Alexey Andreev — CEO,
Anna Lukanina — CEO,
Ksenia Parkhomenko — executive director,
Anna Kalinicheva — business development director,
Daria Vedernikova — head of communications,
Daria Vlasova — PR-manager.

Client’s team:

Maria Brish — art director of private label,
Alina Monakhova — senior producer of private label,
Elena Landar — head of “Kids Goods” in private label,
Ivan Knyazev — photographer.

Photos were made by client.
Client: Yandex
End Date: 12/21/2022

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