Redesign of Rossiya – Schedraya Dusha

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Under the brand Rossiya — Schedraya Dusha which is known almost to everyone in Russia a great variety of candies and chocolate bars with all kinds of flavors is produced — from traditional Rossiyskiy («Russian») chocolate, which history goes back to 1974, to product ranges S Otkrytym Serdcem («With an open heart») and Lyubimye Desserty («Favorite desserts») which have appeared recently.

The ambitious redesign project was initiated by Nestle Russia to draw the attention of younger audience to the Rossiya — Schedraya Dusha brand. The task of the agency was to renovate the brand making it more contemporary as well as keeping its recognizable features that represent strong national character of the brand.

Alexey Fadeev, Creative Director of Depot: «Generosity and soulfulness are the two main values which underlie the Rossiya — Schedraya Dusha brand since its foundation. While working on renovation of the brand, we kept design elements that represent these features (and even provided some new) but added simplicity and dynamism. Therefore package design remained recognizable for conservative supporters of the brand and got closer to younger audience as well.»

As part of the project Rossiya — Schedraya Dusha's logo has been renovated. The research showed that previous version of the logo started to be perceived by customers as old-fashioned, strict and even «pompous» — such definitions naturally didn't accord with the brand character. The version provided by Depot kept the recognizability as well as became more friendly. Multicolored domes remind of the beauty of Russian architecture, happy holidays and bright positive emotions.

While designing the package for chocolate bars the decision was made to reject the frames: it made the package design more «open». The new elements that give the feeling of warmth and home cosiness appeared in the design. Dark chocolate is distinguished by moderate fashionable design with golden elements. The design of milk chocolate is combined with a milky wave and a jug with delicious «milky splashes».

Bruno Emmenegger, Director of Confectionery Business of Nestle Russia: «Product groups became larger and more attractive. The images of the ingredients on the package emphasize natural origin and high quality of the product, the creation of which from selection of the best cocoa beans to a finished chocolate bar is implemented at our full cycle confectionery plant in Samara.»

Besides this, the navigation for numerous umbrella brands, products and flavors of chocolate was elaborated. In general new design meets all modern trends of its category in mass price segment and at the same time represents bright and original character of Rossiya — Schedraya Dusha brand.

The production in new design is already appearing in stores all over Russia. The two principal values of Rossiya — Schedraya Dusha brand, generosity and soulfulness, are reflected in a wide product range that consists of dozens of items. In collection there are dark chocolate Rossiyskiy («Russian»), milk chocolate with different flavors for those who like classical combinations — coffee and milk, hazelnut and raisins, caramel and peanuts, as well as specific bars of Lyubimye Desserty («Favorite desserts») product range that are inspired by known since childhood taste of Kievskiy and Orekhoviy cakes.