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RUSEFF - Портфолио Depot

A large-scale event took place on the Russian market of automotive chemistry — Alleya Group released a modern domestic brand of automotive chemicals and cosmetics for those who are ready to take care of their car. These tools are especially good in winter, when motorists need washing liquid, defrosting locks and lubricants for door seals. The company plans to bring to market about 150 products designed for almost all areas of car care -from shampoos and washers to rust converters.

The Depot team contributed to the implementation of large-scale plans — we developed the positioning, slogan and packaging design for two lines of the RUSEFF brand. Connect the most popular and rare positions, meet local needs, be effective and reliable in any situation, meet international standards-this task was set by marketers of the RUSEFF brand. The use of advanced technologies in automotive chemistry allows you to get an uncompromising product created specifically for Russian conditions. The company's specialists have provided everything from the quality of gasoline, to the reagents used on the roads, from the quality of maintenance, to weather conditions.

The first part of "RUS" in the brand name contains obvious Russian codes. And the ending "EFF" is derived from the word "effective" and emotionally complements the construction. Bright and memorable naming allows you to stand out from the competition. The slogan challenges the buyer and motivates them to buy, while fully conforming to the brand's idea — "Resolutely for Russia". The positioning is based on a powerful RTB — effective tools that work in the harsh domestic reality. It was decided to give the brand a character that will set it apart from local and foreign competitors and allow it to occupy its product niche in a saturated market. Therefore, brand attributes are emotionally and rationally close to the target audience and meet the buyer's values.

The system-forming elements of the RUSEFF RF design concept are the abbreviation RF and the red and blue shapes in which it is placed. Sharp corners and unusual shape complement the bright image and give it dynamics. The contours and plasticity of the sign are repeated on the contrast strip that separates the packaging and contains the name of a particular product, typed in a massive grotesque font. The design evokes a positive reaction from the buyer and seems familiar to him, which qualitatively distinguishes the product in the category. It can be easily adapted for each product in an extensive line, the layout is implemented thanks to the color, photos are used for car cosmetics, and a more concise, informative approach is chosen for car chemistry.

RUSEFF - Портфолио Depot

In the concept of RUSEFF master, the key element is a figure-symbol, in which you can see: the contours of the car glass, and the light from the headlights, and the dashboard. The shape exists both with and without the logo, acting as an independent object in the design. It is intended to be used as a window in a package or as a space for images.

The monochrome color of the packaging is the same for each product in the extensive line, which not only combines them into a single system, but also makes the design concise and restrained. Simple and accurate layout completes the image of the product corresponding to the premium segment. Photos and patterns are used for autocosmetics, and more attention is paid to informativeness for auto chemistry. In the process, we also prepared a catalog of RUSEFF products. A product designed specifically for harsh Russian conditions and will help take care of the car. The company conducted research in more than 20 regions of Russia and in a variety of conditions. RF and RUSEFF master are already on sale at retailers and in brand stores.
RUSEFF - Портфолио Depot

RUSEFF - Портфолио Depot

RUSEFF - Портфолио Depot

Activity: Auto Products
Client: Alleya Group
End Date: 09/25/2019

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