It is unlikely that someone will be able to answer this question better than our happy customers. So we have addressed it to them.
We will share a new interview and a new secret of happiness week on the site of Depot WPF each week.

Interview with, Ksenia Parkhomenko, Commercial Director Depot WPF

I came to the agency when I was a little girl looked blank and had no experience in branding. On the other hand I had two higher educations and a clear message in my mind that nothing is impossible. And now, for almost five years I’ve been keeping this statement about myself and actively apply to my work.

Interview with Natalya Okulova, Brand manager, Lipton (Unilever)

I sincerely believe that marketing is... the heart of every business. Like the heart in a body, marketing activities in a company should be running 24/7. You need to be always open to new ideas...

Interview with Julia Palchikova, CEO, «Vysoko-vysoko»

How to reach success with zero ad budget, why do we need skeptics and what is the difference between brands and kids? I often work till midnight, but that doesn’t bother me. Probably it is because I work with passion and drive. I would have lacked happiness without my job, that’s for sure.

Interview with Alena Kogge, Head of PR and marketing, URALSIB | Private Bank

The main rule of marketing is… to understand clearly what your customers need. In banking, basic needs are – reliability, security, competence. And the style we provide with nuances is top class in our work.

Interview with Katerina Kondratenko, Director of marketing (Chocolate & Confectionery), Nestle Russia

Logic and intuition, marketing and nature. The best advice about work is… consider it your own business. Moreover: I can hardly make the difference if I don’t see the whole picture of how the business works. I need to know what the role of every marketing activity is.