Depot WPF services

Depot WPF is a branding agency that specializes in the branding of food products and products from other industries, and the branding of companies and services. Depot WPF offers expertise in the field of building a positive image for local areas, and providing branding services for cities and entire regions, as well as charitable organizations. Our agency provides the full range of branding services. We conduct essential research and market analyses, help with the positioning of the brand and the formulation of a brand strategy, provide naming rights services and other copyright services, design logos and create a corporate identity, and come up with designs for the packaging and the label, advertising spaces and promotional materials.  

Research and analysis
Diagnostics on the external environment
Competitors in the market
Consumer motivations
Brand creation
Brand audit
Brand positioning
Brand platform
Mood board
Communication strategy
Название бренда
Слоган бренда
Легенда бренда или креативная идея
Фирменный стиль
Знак и логотип
Цветовая гамма
Стилеобразующий элемент
Cтруктура бренда
Дизайн упаковки
Дизайн сопутствующих материалов
Корпоративная полиграфия
Деловая документация