Depot WPF is an independent international branding agency recognized as the most creative in Russia. For 17 years we have been developing Russia’s branding industry, which has become an established sector of the economy. We take great pride in the fact that we have contributed to this progress. We have chalked up over 2000 successful projects, which have earned high praise both in Russia and abroad. In 2014 Depot WPF has entered GLBA – an international alliance of seven leading branding agencies in North America, China, Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey and Russia.


We offer a wide range of branding services: research and analysis, brand positioning and strategy, naming, copywriting, creation of logos and identities, packaging design, as well as the branded environment, advertising and promotional materials.


#ISTANBUL_WPF: Depot WPF`s office in Turkey

The regular issue of #WORLD_WPF is about our agency in Istanbul - Orhan Irmak Tasarım. We will share some up to date cases, tell you about how our colleagues work and ask them what influence branding in Turkey the most.