Depot WPF is a member of GLBA
Depot WPF is a member of

Global package design network launches with Depot WPF representing Russia. Global local brand alliance offers regional expertise on a global scale.

The network will offer the following services: Branding, Consumer Insight, Package Design, Design Strategy, and Structural Design. Network members are package design specialists that work across numerous product categories from food to fragrance. They were chosen for their proven excellence in their respective region and include:

Berndt und Partner
New York
Ceradini Brand Design
Sao Paulo
Depot WPF
Orhan Irmak Tasarim

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The collaboration among our GLBA partners will lead to greater innovation for our clients because we are able to tap into the authenticity of our various cultures and bring speed, resources and in-market knowledge to every project.

According to Thomas Reiner, CEO, Berndt+Partner, Berlin, Germany, founder of the network

Gathering authentic and actionable consumer insights is key to a successful global branding/packaging initiative, which is why Depot WPF has become a founding member of the Global Local Brand Alliance (GLBA).

This globally aligned, locally inclined, packaging design network will offer something different: an authentic and organic approach to understanding regional nuances.

Seven privately owned, strategic branding companies representing North America, Europe, South Africa, China, Brazil, Turkey and Russia have joined together, each with specialists across all design disciplines and with over 20 years of experience. It will use global reach to create local packaging solutions.

GLBA fulfills our clients’ need to engage in an authentic way with their consumers in various regions around the world. We think the best way to make this connection is by engaging agencies born and bred in these regions.

According to Anna Lukanina,
Managing director, Depot WPF