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Depot WPF completed a large-scale branding project for online video streaming service, The company is Russian leader among legal online film distribution platforms with millions of monthly visitors

The company was created in 2010 and in 4 years it conquered the position of the leader of russian legal online cinema platforms. lets people watch movies, TV shows and listen to music online. In 2013 the quantity of unique visitors was estimated 30 million users who watched over 200 million videos.
The company business strategy focuses on active development of new channels and attraction of new audience — young, fashionable, advanced users. offers them licensed video content, including movies, individual channel, online video streaming service that allows users to create customised music and video playlists music.ivi, unique online video streaming service for kids deti.ivi and movie news feed called "Captions".

Where is the brand?

Among visual identity elements for all these services had only two elements: logo and bright pink color. Visual identity system of the brand was incomplete and couldn’t cover a variety of activities both on its own website and on external digital platforms.

The absence of an integrated visual system became the reason many users were not aware on what resources they were watching a movie. Usually people in Russia search for movies by typing their name directly in the search engine, and after clicking the link they immediately receive the video player window. In this case people don’t go through website and don't contact its identity. The new visual system is to solve this problem and connect high-quality videos and brand in their minds.

A large number of channels used by, mobile, apps, smart-TV, video games) and a huge flow of external communications, including co-branding, required flexible and systematic approach to the development of corporate identity.

The main task was to create a new brand identity system that would allocate the online video streaming service among its competitors, improve brand retention, be easily adapted to different media and work in all media channels – from print advertising to interactive online projects. ivi brand owners set his task in front of Depot WPF team.
A graphics solution based on a well-recognized attribute of the filmdom — lens video camera.
At the present time many people associate the image of the lens aperture with the cinema.

This simple image was transformed into flexible graphical concept that became the key element in the new identity of

The brand logo remains unchanged, but now it got triangle shape and from now on, it is always used with pink background.
Familiar to all users bright pink color has been saved as a major one. It was a crucial moment, because the users unmistakably associated this color with platform. But the brand can’t exist in one color, that is why bright pink became the 'shell' several internal layers were added. From plain and in-line ivi became dimensional and multi-faceted.
Alexandr Zagorsky,
Depot WPF creative director:

"Motion-branding tool becomes relevant when the digital environment dictates its own new rules of visual system construction — motion, flexibility, game. We can say that the active consumption of video content both on the Internet and pay TV channels gives a powerful impulse for the development of corporate branding: new and interesting solutions appeared and their implementation could not be possible in a static "analog" environment.

Earlier this kind of branding was developed in TV-ads: simple animated cutaways between the movies and programs. Today branding is also embedded in the body of the movies without upsetting the viewrs’ sence. At any time the viewer needs to understand that he is watching a movie on our platform".

The interior solution credit:
Dmitry Pashutin,
director of media research and strategic intelligence of online video streaming service:

" users make an eye-contact with online video streaming service at different platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox and, of course, on our website. A great amount of options for the contact with the service motivated us to upgrade identity. We need users to identify the product by different types of devices. Moreover, care about user experience and improvement in viewing quality are among the main priorities of brand strategy. New identity created by Depot WPF makes the brand perfectly adaptable. We hope that users will be pleased with our solution".