Depot WPF represents GLBA in Russia

Дата публикации: 10.03.2015

Global Local Branding Alliance (GLBA) is a new international branding alliance uniting major branding companies representing North America, Europe, South Africa, China, Brazil, Turkey and Russia, each with specialists across all design disciplines and with over 20 years of experience.

Depot WPF represents GLBA in Russia

GLBA is comprised of seven privately owned strategic branding agencies that have come together offering regional expertise on a global scale. Depot WPF represents GLBA in Russia. "The collaboration among our GLBA partners will lead to greater innovation for our clients because we are able to tap into the authenticity of our various cultures and bring speed, resources and in-market knowledge to every project," — says Thomas Reiner, CEO, Berndt+Partner, Berlin, Germany, founder of the network.

Globally aligned, locally inclined

We believe that the key to a successful international branding project is, first of all, full understands and detailed elaboration of consumer insights in each particular region. Therefore, GLBA offers international clients a unique local expertise on a global scale.

To go the extra mile

Agencies belonging to GLBA are united by result oriented state of mind, thoughtful engagement on all levels and an entrepreneurial spirit that cares and is always willing to go the extra mile.

"I am proud of the fact that our agency represents GLBA Alliance in Russia. This is the logical result of numerous international initiatives of Depot WPF which now move to a new level. We are glad to offer our customers the expertise and resources of the strongest experts in branding and marketing, not only in Russia but also in other regions - from China to South Africa," — says Anna Lukanina, the managing partner of Depot WPF.

The first meeting of the new alliance was held in New York in September of 2014, within a framework of which the basic agreements of the alliance were signed. And in February of 2015 in Johannesburg, at the office of the South African GLBA agency — Stratcom — the first work session of the alliance was held and the work plan for the next six month was approved. Within the session was also held a business breakfast of the alliance with participation of the press and customers of GLBA: Distell, YUM !, Danone, DuPont, Bayer Healthcare. "Our meeting at the GLBA agencies is a great practice. It allows all members to discus collectively our success and challenges, to approve the development strategy GLBA," — said Anna Lukanina. — "In addition such a trip is a unique opportunity to experience a different culture “from the inside”. For example, in Johannesburg, in addition to working sessions and a business lunch, we went on a safari."