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Дата публикации: 31.01.2017

This was the title of the report of our Creative Director Anastasia Tretyakova at the last exhibition "Packaging-2017".

Branding Agency Depot WPF supported by the Association of branding companies of Russia (ABCR) traditionally tries to hold similar events on every exhibition about food and packaging subject.
And again on 25th of January the representatives of Russian brand agencies presented their best cases, commented on world trends, as many of them have close ties with foreign partners for several years already. Unipack.ru shared a review of the report of our creative director Anastasia Tretyakova:
Human-Centered Packaging
Anastasia Tretyakova explained this idea: "The meaning of packaging - to make the brand to the right people." She reminded listeners that "design" is from the word "to create", "to construct".
Therefore, design in general and packaging in particular should be aimed at solving the problems of the living people, not based on abstract audiences, but on understandable and well-described categories of consumers.
As an example - the development of the brand Ducray for the French audience by the agency Depot WPF. As Anastasia Tretyakova explained, Ducray is a conceptual work focused on pensioners and elderly people.
While developing the packaging and design, they thought about the placement of the product, how to open and use it, so it can be usable for elderly people.

That’s why the shape of the product is stable, the surface is matte and non-slip, the font used in Braille, and even the shape of the caps is matched with possible violations of the person’s  fine motor.
Another case from Depot WPF, which is international already, is the packaging of soy sauce for a client from China.
The compulsory  elements and briefs of the design project - the use of image of the golden carp, which is popular in China; taking into account the tradition of a family dinner and the obligatory use of vases for the sauce on the table. As a result, the new package design in the form of carp allowed the manufacturer to increase the sales substantively.
"Human-Centered Packaging - sums up Anastasia Tretyakova - leads to the financial success, because people need it."

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