KitKat Senses Dark Orange

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KitKat Senses Dark Orange - Портфолио Depot

KitKat introduced a combination of dark chocolate and orange in the new Kitkat Senses Dark Orange Taste.

The brand supports the established trends in the confectionery market and gives new ones. Kitkat Dark Orange Taste is a bright duet of juicy orange and bitter cocoa beans on the crispy waffle.
The citrus fruits are shown by the fire colour of the package.

The red package with the golden border shows a chocolate bar that occupies most of the front side. Marble drawing of chocolate was first photographed in the studio and then used by designers. So, the KitKat Dark Orange Taste pattern repeats the product inside.

According to research orange is the most popular flavor of fruit tastes of the dark chocolate segment.
A preliminary study predicted the success of the novelty: 96% of consumers liked citrus notes in the KitKat.

The novelty from Nestle reached the largest retail chains in Russia in chocolate bar format earlier than in France, Spain and Germany.
Client: Nestle
End Date: 03/16/2020