Infographics and animation

Infographics allows you to convey information in a simple and clear way to a user who is completely not interested. With it, we can briefly and easily outline a large volume of complex text or visualize a process. Infographics provides maximum information with minimal user effort. Not surprisingly, it is one of the key trends of visual content.

On the basis of corporate identity we develop concepts of infographic presentation of information, including creation of necessary icons and drawing up a diagram of their interaction. Infographic system can be used on the website, in catalogs and presentations, in annual reports.

If a brand is present online, we will create animated infographics. And in respect to space, we will make it as simple, visible and readable as possible.

Infographics and animation - Брендинговое агентство Depot

Infographics and animation - Брендинговое агентство Depot