Depot WPF will participate in the creation of Russian tourist brand

Дата публикации: 24.08.2016

This December Russia will get a tourist brand. Depot WPF branding agency’s experts will take active part in its development. Russia’s nation branding project was initiated by Federal Tourism Agency in collaboration with the Association of Branding Companies in Russia (ABCR).

Depot WPF will participate in the creation of Russian tourist brand

"The worldwide practices show that the presence of a recognizable brand is an essential attribute of the state leader in the field of tourism. Today Russia’s tourist destination has not got its own brand, while 146 of 195 countries in the world have it" — says the Head of the Federal Tourism Agency Oleg Safonov.

To create a really high quality concept of the national tourism brand, it was decided to engage leading Russian branding specialists. 45 strategists, copywriters, creative directors, art directors and designers of national branding agencies have successfully completed the competitive pre-selection. Depot WPF strategic director Farah Kuchkarov and art director Alexander Voronkov were selected for participation.

туристический бренд России, АБКР, Ростуризм

Together with colleagues from other agencies (a complete list can be found here) they will take part in specially organized workshops where there will be created a several concepts of the national tourism brand. The international expert jury will select the best of them. After that the final selection will be given to the nationwide online voting. Workshops will be held in late September. Now Federal Tourism Agency receives references from everyone interested. Up to 20 September you can send us any material that can be useful for working on the national tourism brand (including your own sketches). All materials will be given to professionals directly responsible for Russian tourist brand’s creation.