Izvestia:Russia as a kerchief and a kaleidoscope

Дата публикации: 27.01.2017

The editorial board of the newspaper «Izvestia» share the impression of the pre-concept of the touristic brand of Russia, presented on Friday. The next step - the popular vote for the best soulution.

On Friday, the authors of the concepts of the touristic brand of Russia showed the most successful visual solutions. Some of them were inspired by Russian women's kerchief, others -by Cyrillic, the third by kaleidoscope. At least 20 works were submitted. The expert jury will leave only three works, and they will be submitted to the popular vote.

Брендинговое агентство Depot WPF, турбренд России, фирменный стиль, брендинг

We remind thatin September, "Izvestia" reported on the start of the third stage of the competition "The touristic Brand of Russia", organized by Rostourism with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Association of Branding Companies of Russia (ABCR). By that time, about 3 thousand visual ideas had been received, which were sent to the competition by everyone. But after that, only professionals got down the business.
Adviser to the head of Rosturism Svetlana Sergeeva told on Friday that work on the Russian touristic brand in 2015 was conducted with the help of the public. And in 2016 it was decided to attract professionals - the Association of Branding Companies of Russia.

Брендинговое агентство Depot WPF, турбренд России, фирменный стиль, брендинг

"The work was difficult. It was necessary to take into account the great diversity of our homeland and put it on paper, "said Svetlana Sergeeva.
Co-president of the branding companies association Alexey Andreev said that the main task that faces the developers is to create an effective tool. That is, a touristic company that will not only attract foreign tourists to our country, but will also promote the development of domestic tourism.
"Developing domestic tourism, we help Russians to know better their country and thereby educate patriots," said Alexei Andreev.

Брендинговое агентство Depot WPF, турбренд России, фирменный стиль, брендинг

He noted that the concept presented on the pre-concept will be passed to the expert council and then to a high jury consisting of the head of Rosturism Oleg Safonov, the vice-president of the government of the Russian Federation on sports Vitaly Mutko, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, the minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky and others. After that, the three best options will be submitted to the popular vote, as a result of which the winner will be determined.

Art Director of Depot WPF Anna Bolshakova, one of the developers of the logo, which is a red-blue diamond, explained that the concept is based on the female image, and actually the diamond itself is a scarf.  "Russia is generous, beautiful and wise. She is gorgeous, mysterious and intelligent, like a woman, "-Bolshakova explicated.

Director of  the Strategy Brandson Branding Agency Grigory Khrabrov is the author of the sketch, which depicts a red circle with blue fragments. Khrabrov explained that he was inspired by a kaleidoscope. "There is a bit of Russia in each of us, and each has its own view of it, so we came up with the metaphor that Russia is a giant kaleidoscope, in which history, architecture and unique nature unite," he said. The circle, according to Grigory Khrabrov, symbolizes the Russian dance and the movement of the seasons.

Брендинговое агентство Depot WPF, турбренд России, фирменный стиль, брендинг

One of the developers of the logo, which is a red inscription "Russia", art director Alexander Voronkov, said that the main central point of work - the Cyrillic alphabet. The developer of another concept Nikolai Oblapokhin (the inscription "Russia warms up" and the image of the heart in the center) explained that the main idea is to reach the hearts of consumers."We want the country to be perceived as a big blanket that wraps and warms. Russia warms the heart, too, "-says Oblapokhin.

Director of the SUPERMARKET Branding Alexander Vagin told Izvestia that the name of his team's concept is "Say yes to Russia." - An important component of the brand is a feeling of a holiday, bright emotions and new impressions. "Yes" is not just a word, it's not just an agreement, it's a call to do something that you did not do before. This is one step that separates from the unforgettable events, - said Alexander Vagin.
"The initiative of Rosturism to develop the touristic brand of Russia was only supported by the public but also by the professional community in the sphere of branding, who joined the work willingly. Today we see the results of the work of the leading strategists and designers from the branding agencies with a worldwide reputation. Their work in the nearest future will go to the court of the expert council and authoritative jury of the contest, which will select the best. The final version will be chosen by the popular vote, "said Oleg Safonov.