#NEWYORK_WPF: work of the USA branding agency

Дата публикации: 15.06.2015

We are filling you in on the structure of the USA agency of GLBA, on what has the greatest impact on branding in the region and on what projects our colleagues are working in the Brookline office.

#NEWYORK_WPF: work of the USA branding agency

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«Captivate, stimulate, motivate» these are the opening words of the Ceradini company presentation. The agency is representing GLBA in the USA. — «We are animating the brands by unleashing their true potential through the power of circumspect strategy and outstanding design. For over 20 years we are developing solutions for brands that conquer the hearts of the customers, impel their emotions and motivate them to purchase your brand».

  • Established: 1994
  • Number of employees: 10
  • Annual number of projects: 25-30
  • Key customers: Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Rémy Cointreau, Diageo, Gillette, Heineken, Kraft

ceradini brand design, glba, брендинговое агентство, нью-йорк

Ceradini Brand Design were awarded by Graphis, American Graphic Design Award, American Package Design Award, Brand Gallery Innovation Packaging Award, Beverage World Top 10 and many other American and international design and marketing  competitions.

The founder and owner of the agency David Ceradini thinks that the main rules of work are respecting the clients, partners and colleagues, conducting an open dialogue and debate (« As we don’t always nod confirmative in respond to our clients»), and also the ability to find fun and drive in every project .One of the main taboos of Ceradini is participation in free tenders

ceradini brand design, glba, брендинговое агентство  ceradini brand design, glba, брендинговое агентство

ceradini brand design, glba, брендинговое агентство


Upon our request David named the three key consumer trends that have the greatest impact on branding in the USA:

— The American market is oversaturated, the Americans provided with an extensive choice of brands. Therefore, earning and maintaining the loyalty to any brand is much more difficult than in emerging markets. The most accurate targeting and extremely precise formulation brand messages are more important than in other regions.

— Americans are used to getting what they want right when they want it. Speed and ease of purchase are among the main argument for one or another brand. Companies diligently simplify the process of buying, online stores offer express delivery of orders within the day and even an hour. And, of course, all of are properly communicated to the consumer on all possible levels of communication.

— There is a quite clear division of the consumers based on their income in the USA. Thereareupper, middleandlowerclasses. Now there is a reducing tendency of the middle segment, and brands that target this audience have to work harder. At the same time premium and mass segments are growing. Obviously brands are trying to «saddle» this trends.

«USA is a very complicated but a very interesting market», — the expert summarizes. And the cases of Ceradini Brand Design prove it. And in the tradition of our regular heading here are some of the recent cases of the agency:


Amstel Light

Amstel brand design

Made in Colombia

made in colombia

made in colombia

Mike's cocktails


Timberland PRO: these boots were made for workin' 


BUD Light: Lime-a-rita

bud brand design

P.S. If you missed the video report from the GLBA meeting in New York made by Anna Lukanina– here it is:

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