Dobry Juice

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Dobry Juice - Портфолио Depot

We were tasked with making the packaging more symbolic and emphasizing the values of the Dobry brand: generosity, kindness and concern for one’s nearest and dearest. The solution was to provide an original, plant-based decorative element along the lines of the motifs found in golden khokhloma, symbolizing the richness and warmth of the Russian soul.

Changes were also made to the look of the fruit composition — the packaging now features a large piece of fruit with a mouth-watering slice cut out of it. The design of the packaging generally has a neater feel to it and is more clearly defined. Dobry is the brand-leader in Russia in the mid-range category and boasts a name recognition of 99% (2012).
Activity: Grocery Soft Drinks
Client: Multon
End Date: 01/10/2012

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