Rebranding is a fundamental brand adjustment, including all stages of a standard branding project, but taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the existing brand.

Rebranding is conducted to strengthen the brand's position in the market and increase customer loyalty, differentiate the brand and attract new customers. Changes in market conditions, update of the target audience or changes within the company can perform as reasons for rebranding. A qualitative leap in the company and / or product development is the result of an accurate rebranding.

We would like to outline that rebranding is not just a name change or new design of corporate identity design and marketing materials. Primarily, it's an update of brand strategy and positioning. Renaming (if necessary), redesign or restyling may become its logical sequel.

In Depot's portfolio there are dozens of successful rebranding projects for large corporations, products of national and international level as well as for local players. Our experience proves that comprehensive approach to rebranding can vastly improve company's market position