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Inzare is a Chechen company that entered the market in 2007, producing amazing non-alcoholic beverages, inspired by the local glory. The beauty of local uniqueness enhances indigenous pride.

The company owns quite a big lineup including the following products: drinks triggering an admiration, exquisite lemonades, trendy iced teas, juices to cheering up the mood, healthy smoothies, authentic drinks.

Inzare - Портфолио Depot

Inzare - Портфолио Depot

Inzare - Портфолио Depot

Inzare - Портфолио Depot

Inzare - Портфолио Depot

Inzare - Портфолио Depot

Chechnya is known for its beautiful untouched nature: endless mountain ranges, roaring rivers and fresh air. Organic, ecologically pure products, which contribute to the improvement and preservation of health, are growing in Chechnya. Such beauty, created by nature, amazes the mind, captures the spirit, leaves speechless, in other words, evokes a genuine feeling of admiration.

Inspired by all this splendor, we decided to transfer this feeling of admiration to everything we do. This is how our own philosophy has been formed, which is called "INACHE" and implies a different, in a good way surprising approach to work and the vision of traditional things.

Inache's philosophy is striving for excellence, and Inache's flavors enchant and delight.

The INACHE philosophy consists of many principles, including:
• Combination of advancement and respect for traditions. We believe that we can keep up with the times, using the latest technology, without losing an identity.
• Product originality. When creating drinks, we strive to develop unique recipes, combining trendy and authentic flavors.
• Uncompromising in our words. We are people of the word and honor, if we have promised something, it will be definitely realized because we respect our customers and partners.

By our example, we demonstrate that the real Chechnya is a modern, open-minded, hospitable republic, not at all how it has been presented, capable of pleasantly surprise and fall in love with itself, and Russian FMCG manufacturers can also be high-tech and interesting, not inferior in any way international companies.

In this way, possessing incredible environment and adhering to the INACHE concept, we offer our customers not only environmentally friendly products that have absorbed all the power of nature, but also manage to give new emotions and impressions, surprise and delight, as well as inspire and change for the better.

Inzare utilizes its own srings of the purest mineral water, as well as natural high-quality raw materials from well-known companies such as DÖHLER, WILD.

In the new design, we have developed business documentation and corporate media, design of commercial vehicles and equipment, branded clothing, advertising communications - posters, banners, social networks.

Bronze on White Square festival 2021
Dot on Red Dot festival 2021
Services rendered: Naming Brand positioning Rebranding
Activity: Soft Drinks

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