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The company Kazakhstan Commerciya is the leader of the Kazakhstan's market for the import of elite alcoholic beverages. In the recent past, the company decided to expand its activities and create a number of its own brands of soft drinks for both the local market and for export.

Kazakhstan Commerciya asked Depot to develop a new brand of bottled water. Among the received instructions there was a belonging of a new product to the premium segment, halal and a unique place of production (extraction of water from artesian beds). All these factors should highlight the brand among competitors not only on the local, but also in export markets (Russia, Europe and Asia).

Creating a brand of bottled drinking water Salamsu (naming was provided by the customer) we decided to start with a legend. This is a beautiful, romantic story about a little girl, and around her is spreading a fantastic night — time of dreams. Everything here for the main character is covered with magic: the moon, on which you can sit like on a rocking chair, to wrap in clouds like in a plaid, the stars and comets which you can touch, which you can catch by the tail with your arms.

This beautiful and touching legend allowed us to solve almost all the tasks that were put by the client: the story that is on the water label is a solution, which is quite unusual for the category. In combination with a bottle of indigo color (the personification of a fairy night), it is advantageous to allocate the goods on the shelf. In addition, the magic plot is applicable to the water, too, making it also magical in the mind of the consumer. We also added a «Halal» quality label.