Depot has been creating brands of financial companies, products and services for 10 years. We acquired unique experience in this field and ready to share it with you. Financial sector includes companies and services with different characteristics and functionalities. We successfully work with any type of brand.

What tasks does finbranding complete?

– Heighten an effect on sales of products and services;
– Foster customer loyalty and reach new customers;
– Increase attractiveness of departments;
– Increase website, applications and other media-driver’s conversion rate;
– Increase efficiency of brand advertising;
– Specify the most important tasks.

We apply multifaceted approach to trendwatching and foresight to figure out the preferences and emotions of your customer, to show short-term, medium-term and long-term tendencies more accurate.

We understand how ecosystem of financial brand works. Understanding the principles of ecosystem let us to build brand architecture right, so we can advance communication in every contact point effectively.

SERVICE DESIGN has a big value in ecosystem of financial brand, because it creates solutions out of needs and expectations of customers or service participators. The services that customers take become enjoyable, quick, simple, competitive, reasonable and completely satisfiable for them.

IT/DIGITAL is an important part of creation of financial institutes, because it’s hard to imagine successful financial brand that exist only offline nowadays.

RETAIL gains in popularity in banking as a tool to make financial companies’ departments look simpler, more recreational and comfortable.

MEDIA & EDUCATION are both necessary for increasing financial capability. In different occurrences it becomes a separate line of business that allows to attract SMB’s auditory.

We conduct deep customer researches. Brands of financial sector are oriented on different targeted audience’s groups. We provide: auditory segmentations, data research and analysis, segment insights search. These researches are the basis of following works on creating financial brand.

We work on the basis of customer experience. We stand by underlying principles of SH when we create financial brands.

– Thinking about people not about sales. We focus on customer’s needs, emotions and behavior that help us to create real value from cooperation with the brand;
– Creating emotional connection. We concentrate on feelings that brand causes in customer to provide the best user experience;
– Highlight the key points right. We focus on characteristics of services and products that can solve customer’s problem;
– Looking for modern solutions. We open new opportunities to developing innovative solutions that your customers enjoy;
– Offer systematic view. We see the brand as unity of processes of managing products, services, customer’s emotions and behavior.

We offer a full-service building financial brand from the beginning.

Digital Spring Ventures

Team of professionals in investment field addressed us with unusual task to develop naming and visual identity for international investment fund that was created to support promising IT-companies from CIS, Africa South of the Sahara, Middle East and South-East Asia. We had a purpose to reflect in naming and visual identity «transparency» of the company and build relationships with investors and businessmen via branding.

Development of Absolut private bank’s brand

Absolut Bank developed a direction of private banking - since 2014 wealthy client servicing is formed in other segment of the bank. We developed positioning and visual identity of Absolut Private Bank with the focus on personal approach and visualization of objectives.

We define necessity of changes while rebranding.

Rebranding of RNCB

How should bank look like in the eyes of the customers? How should organizations of conservative sphere build the most effective communication with the client in the modern world? How to position your services on highly competitive financial market and stand out from the competitors? RNCB addressed these questions to Depot.

Rebranding of Uralsib private banking

URALSIB | Bank 121 is specialized segment of one of the biggest financial corporations in Russia – URALSIB. Depot developed naming, tagline, visual identity and marketing strategy. The old name was replaced with URALSIB | Private bank.

We help our clients not only to develop major branding projects, but also to find solutions for paramount communication and marketing tasks.

Creation of anniversary logotype

In 2014 we created special edition of logotype to use it in bank’s marketing communications devoted to anniversary. In this project Depot developed anniversary symbolic that was used on different visual materials such as website, advertising materials, documents and souvenirs.

Development of corporate materials design

In 2013 Sberbank’s team addressed us to develop corporate materials design like key cards that not only had to look aesthetic, but also translated the idea relevant to bank values. We proposed to use images of bridges that symbolized the contingence of company and customers. This idea was the basis of following design of 6 key cards types.

In 2014 we developed idea and design concept of New Year’s promo materials for Sberbank’s partners.