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Molkom - Портфолио Depot

During last 20 years designers at Depot made so many projects for the dairy industry that our packages could already fill a long supermarket shelf. Our new project for Molkom-Pavlodar company from Kazakhstan will occupy a notable place on it. It’s a dynamically developing enterprise that appeared on the market in 2004.

The agency team proposed a common visual concept for the entire product line, which made it more recognizable. According to the client’s opinion, designer Alina Kozeeva accurately took into account the motto of the company — «Tasty! Healthy! Natural!» and proposed a laconic solution in light and bright colors for rebranding.

Molkom - Портфолио Depot

Alina Kozeeva, Designer of Depot: «The center of the composition is a balloon. For each product it is painted in its own color. But the main feature is the creative graphics. The hand-made illustrations placed on the package relocate consumer’s perception on a product itself.»

Molkom - Портфолио Depot

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